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On-Premises vs. Cloud-Managed Firewall

Being digitally connected exposes organizations to certain risks. In an age in which a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds and the cost of a data breach can be as much as $4.45 million, it is a wise business move to prioritize managed cybersecurity solutions, including on-premises and cloud-managed firewalls. So, it’s important to know as much as possible about these two types of firewalls and how they differ.

In this blog, we’ll outline the key differences between on-premises firewalls and cloud-managed firewalls so that you can determine which is best for your organization’s network security.

On-Premises Firewall

An on-premises firewall is a traditional network security solution hosted locally within an organization’s physical premises. As an onsite protector, it has capabilities that make it a powerful first line of defense for your organization’s networks:

Visibility and Control

On-premises firewalls facilitate total control over the network infrastructure, providing a granular view of network activity through monitoring traffic — both traffic at the connection to the internet and internal traffic within the network. This allows a more nuanced understanding of your networks so that you can customize policies and create tailor-made security measures that address your organization’s actual needs.


On-premises firewalls do not have to rely on external internet connectivity to process large volumes of traffic. This advantage of operating within a local, physical network — and enabling a low latency and high throughput — means that organizations can confidently operate bandwidth-intensive applications.

Compliance and Data Sovereignty

In protecting your network from unauthorized users, an on-premises firewall also allows you to protect your organization’s data. This control over network and data access helps organizations comply with strict and evolving regional, federal, and industry data privacy laws.

Cloud-Managed Firewall

This firewall is hosted in the cloud, creating a virtual barrier around cloud network infrastructures, including platforms and applications. When the network traffic is routed between the on-premises and cloud environments, they can also protect on-premises networks. Using a cloud-managed firewall solution will yield several benefits for organizations:

Scalability and Flexibility

Cloud-managed firewalls can flow with an organization’s growth or reduction. They also give network administrators much-needed flexibility, such as managing security policies over multiple locations. As your organization’s security needs change, you can be sure that your cloud-managed firewall solution can be easily aligned with those evolving needs.

Simplified Maintenance

Maintenance tasks for cloud-managed firewalls are performed automatically. This eliminates the need for extensive, time-consuming manual efforts to keep your security programs patched and up to date. It also reduces the burdens on IT personnel, giving them more time to address critical network security issues and other high-value tasks.

Global Threat Intelligence

Cloud-managed firewalls can draw from databases from around the world. They use the data to quickly detect threats and modify security policies and measures as needed. This enables organizations to present a proactive defense against emerging threats and ensures quick response times.

The Benefits of a Managed Firewall from TPx

A firewall should be a part of every organization’s cyber defense strategy, but you need the time and resources to ensure it is properly configured, monitored, and maintained. If you don’t, then it could leave your organization open to vulnerabilities. TPx can help ensure your network is secure with our Managed Firewall service.

The benefits of a Managed Firewall through TPx go beyond blocking today’s most advanced threats, it also provides secure access, visibility, and control so that your organization can be more productive. Learn more about how TPx can protect your network and enable greater productivity within your organization with TPx’s Managed Firewall service. Contact sales for more information.

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