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Three Reasons to Love Unified Communications for Your Business

In the last three years, the number of people working from home tripled. The global pandemic partly drove this trend. But it had started even before COVID-19 was an issue, with many big tech companies embracing a hybrid workforce in the last few years. Two common challenges businesses experience when managing a remote workforce are a lack of communication or collaboration and low productivity when they don’t have the right tools in place. Unified Communications (UC), also referred to as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), is one of the solutions that addresses both of these challenges and more. In this blog we will cover the business benefits of unified communications and how they can improve the communications experience for your remote workers.

What Are Unified Communications?

Unified Communications refers to communication tools, including equipment, software, and services, used to provide enterprise channels for communication. It covers all aspects of organizational communication under a single umbrella:

  • Audio and video calls
  • File sharing
  • Integrated applications
  • Meetings
  • Messaging
  • Team collaboration channels

UCaaS refers to Unified Communications as a hosted service.

Three Remote Workforce Benefits of Unified Communications

There are countless business benefits of Unified Communications in your remote workforce management, but these three advantages give ample reason for adopting Unified Communications and incorporating it into your remote workforce management strategy.

1. Streamlining Communication

By providing all the tools needed for communication under a single umbrella, UC streamlines communication within an organization. Streamlining is not just about communication quality. There are outstanding benefits to the organization’s everyday operations.

  • Streamlining communications results in greater productivity and efficiency. UC provides ease of deployment at scale, saving on cost as well. Disaster is often averted when communication methods allow for real-time responses to urgent matters.
  • Ease of collaboration across the organization means that challenges will be solved and new ideas will take shape. Multiple channels for such interdependent collaboration will enhance teamwork and cooperation.

2. Integration With Daily Tasks

Organizational competency often requires numerous technological platforms and resources. UC allows for easy integration of various applications and services, such as CRM platforms and cloud services. The advantage of this is that when communication tools are integrated with other platforms, communication and collaboration become intrinsically meshed with your team members’ daily tasks, initiatives, and projects.

3. Flexibility for Remote Workers

Regardless of where individuals in the workforce are physically located or which device they are accessing, UC allows for reliable mobility. This flexibility promotes growth and productivity. It also enhances such critical business aspects as customer service and external collaboration.

Show Your Remote Workforce Love and Empower Them

TPx is a professional provider of UCaaS, enabling organizations to empower their remote workforce efficiently and effectively. UCx with Webex allows for ease of deployment at scale, providing your people with the mobility and productivity that can help you maintain a competitive edge in today’s technological landscape. To learn more about how UCx with Webex can enable a better remote and hybrid work experience for your workforce, contact a TPx expert today.

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