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Three Things That Cause Network Outages at Your Business

Three Things That Cause Network Outages at Your Business

A network outage can cause all sorts of problems for your day-to-day business. An outage disturbs the workflow for your employees, which, in turn, can cause a loss in revenue and even hinder customer relations. Below are a few examples of why you may experience a network outage and how to fix it.


Cyberattacks can cause a network outage for a few hours to a few days. This could end up costing the company large amounts of money and put the business itself in jeopardy. Organizations across every industry including school systems, manufacturing companies, and hospitals have all faced major disruptions due to cyberattacks. It is vital to have cybersecurity as an integral part of your internet connectivity to better protect your environment from cyberattacks. Protecting your private network can keep you in control whether you are connecting within just one location or multiple sites.

Damage to Fiber-Optic Cable

Damage to equipment is often unavoidable. Even the strongest and highest-quality cables can be taken out by something as simple as a thunderstorm or wild animal chewing on the cable. While you may not have control over the weather or wildlife, you do have the power to keep your network running despite a fiber-optic cable failure. Implementing SD-WAN technology works with a variety of connections such as MPLS, DSL, Fiber, 4G, and Cable to keep you connected no matter what happens. It also happens to be 2.5 times less expensive than a traditional WAN setup according to a report by Gartner.

Natural Disasters

As mentioned in the last section, you cannot control the weather. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, and other severe storms can cause a network outage by interrupting transmissions, downing connections, or even causing outages in the provider’s facility. Protecting your data and connectivity during such a crucial time is important. Having a managed network that offers off-net connectivity can keep your business moving despite whatever the weather decides to do.

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TPx offers managed SD-WAN solutions to help restore solid internet connectivity no matter what causes your network outage. Check out TPx’s suite of solutions to find the one best for your business.

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