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Too Many Collaboration Apps? Benefits of a Single App.

too many collaboration apps

When it comes to consistent communication, collaboration apps are the lifeline of any business. When I have to access too many collaboration apps every day to get the job done, it creates a disconnect in business communications.

Instead, I’d like to unify how I communicate by using a single app. UCaaS offers several benefits from streamlined business messaging to integrated enterprise VoIP calling. Check out the benefits of using a single collaboration app.

Create a Unified App Experience for Business Teams

Like many organizations, my business juggles multiple vendors for work phone, video, instant messaging (IM), text, whiteboarding, and email. I prefer an environment where employees can communicate with ease by using a single app to collaborate. A single UCx app can bring together features such as calls, messages, HD video, file sharing, whiteboarding, and more.

Collaborate With Ease

Multiple collaboration spaces can bog teams down. When I can go to one app for all of my communication needs, it makes collaboration consistent and easy.

Using one app means that I can message my boss and send a file to a teammate from one place. In the same vein, I don’t have to switch apps to make a phone call or participate in a whiteboard brainstorming session.

Save Time With Flexible Connectivity

Single collaboration apps often offer multiple ways to connect. For example, a single app is usually available by browser and on mobile. This means I can connect and collaborate with ease whether I am on the go with my mobile phone or using my work computer at my office.

When I step out of the office, I have no problem switching gears. This saves me time because I am not locked down to one location to access the information I need.

Integration Options Remove Learning Curves

Having a single app means I can combine many apps that I already use into one robust solution. UCx apps offer pre-built integrations for popular third-party applications from vendors like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more.

Integration with existing apps makes the transition to UCx not just easier for me, but the entire team. I’m empowered to hit the ground running because I can collaborate in one place with apps that I already use and know.

Never Miss a Call

A single app not only includes video and enterprise VoIP calling, but it also gives me the power to make or receive calls anywhere. VoIP calling means I can use my computer, mobile device, or desk phone. This reduces my chances of missing a call because I can stay connected to my contacts wherever I am.

With all these benefits, it makes sense to consolidate my collaboration apps into a single app. A single app keeps communication and collaboration consistent and easy, which makes everyone happy!

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