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TPx Updates from the CEO

TPx Updates from the CEO

Customer service is a key priority at TPx. At our core, TPx is in the business of providing a secure, highly reliable managed collaboration and security solutions – phone systems, contact centers, firewalls, SD-WAN, endpoint security, connectivity and more. We design and deliver these services and solutions so that you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about your IT.

To further improve the experience we offer customers, we’ve been implementing several system improvements and support experience initiatives. Let me summarize some key milestones we hit since I joined the organization as CEO just over six months ago:

  • Digital Transformation: TPx is in the process of a digital transformation. We are implementing new service & support workflow tools, automation tools and a new portal to enable more self-service capabilities via a single sign-on (SSO) capability. This transformation will help us provide a better customer experience and know that customer satisfaction is our most important goal.
  • Portal: We launched a new portal with a control group of customers. Over the Q2/Q3 time period, we will continue to expand self-service portal capabilities to the broader customer base. Our main goal is to allow our customers to engage with us in the manner best for them. As a Managed Services Provider, our goal is to make our customers’ workdays easier.
  • Sales Coverage: We have better aligned our sales teams to provide a more tailored approach versus a “one-size fits all’ approach to addressing our customers’ needs. Our Account Management team regularly syncs with customers to help improve their business operations.
    • Customer Surveys: Listening to the voice of the customer is vital to our success. I appreciate our customers’ willingness to share the good and the bad with us to help us continue to improve. We have launched a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey along with a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey to help us gain better insights and continually improve our support and implementation on-boarding experiences.Solutions Offerings: Toward the end of calendar year 2020, we had several key product launches including a major upgrade to our unified communications flagship, UCx with Cisco Webex and updates to our HIPAA and PCI compliance.

At TPx, we’re here to help make your business run more efficiently. Whether that is helping you improve productivity, lowering your cost model or mitigating the ongoing security threats that business face every day. We take our responsibilities to customers very seriously, which is reflected by the services and support we offer.

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