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Which UCx Bundle is Right for You?

UCx Bundles

No other unified communications (UC) product delivers more functionality or value than UCx. And you don’t have to take our word for that – it’s racked up industry awards ranging from innovation accolades to multiple “UC product of the year” honors.

But sometimes you don’t need all that functionality, all of the time, for everyone in your organization. So, we’ve made UCx available in three easily-scaled user bundles that give you clear and direct control over the features you implement.

This way, you can spend only on what you need, with the ability to seamlessly scale up as your company grows and your needs change. Since it’s a managed solution, making changes is easy. And with the ability to mix-and-match bundles among your users, every member of your team will have the right set of tools for his or her specific job.

Here’s a quick rundown of our UCx user bundles:

UCx Basic

For lobbies, conference rooms, and visitors.

As the name implies, this package offers basic voice calling, with usage pooled among users. UCx Basic is ideal for common areas like break rooms, hallways, or conference rooms that just need a dialtone. It’s also a good fit for the lobby and visitors’ offices, since it’s unlikely that visitors will need to access features like instant messaging or voicemail.

UCx Voice

For office-based employees with no mobility needs.

Office workers can seriously benefit from the productivity gains afforded by UC – and even more so with the unique, intuitive calling features offered by the UCx Voice user bundle. These include hoteling, do-not-disturb, simultaneous or sequential ring for incoming calls, and much more. UCx Voice is the perfect solution if you’re looking to replace an old phone system and gain new functionality, but not quite ready to make the jump to full UC.

UCx Complete

For employees comfortable collaborating on multiple devices.

Our full-featured UC service takes into account that today’s knowledge workers need new ways to connect and collaborate. UCx Complete offers everything the other two bundles do, plus a feature-packed UCx app (available for desktop and mobile devices) offering productivity-enhancing features like chat and SMS messaging, online meetings, and built-in audio and video conferencing. Even better, there will be no more wrestling over shared conference bridges or accounts – because every UCx Complete user gets their own dedicated online meeting room with a 50-user audio bridge, group chat, and screen sharing!

Contact your TPx representative today to see how easy it is to put together a package of UCx bundles that can let your business reap the benefits of UC, while paying only for what you need and use. Stay ahead of the competition and make the most of your employees’ time.


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