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Whiteboarding in Webex Multilocation Feature Benefits

Small and medium-sized business (SMB) teams need access to communication technologies that make it easy for them to work together and get through their daily tasks efficiently. This can be especially challenging when staff are working from a remote office or are in the midst of business travel. The great news is that we have a solution – whiteboarding.

No, we are not asking you to grab a dry erase marker. Instead, we want to introduce you to the power of using apps with whiteboarding capabilities. The UCx with Webex whiteboarding feature is simple and easy-to-use so teams can better collaborate and remain productive no matter where their staff is located. In this article, we will highlight the whiteboarding feature in UCx with Webex and how it can benefit SMBs.

The Digital Whiteboard: Help Multi-Location Teams Brainstorm

Collaboration is a lot easier with tools that bring teams together virtually. The digital whiteboard feature allows multiple people to use the same whiteboard workspace at the same time – plus they can access the digital whiteboard from a meeting room at the office or while working from home. This flexibility allows teams to gather from anywhere and visually generate ideas or problem solve. Plus, working with a digital canvas removes limitations on how much content they can share.

Companion Mode: Host a Video-First Whiteboarding Meeting That Keeps Teams Connected

Keeping teams connected is key to helping businesses grow. Research shows that well-connected teams demonstrate a 21% increase in profitability. By combining video and whiteboarding technology, SMBs can host team meetings that give them the full benefits of a unified communications experience. This allows teams to stay productive as everyone is connected to the whiteboard content, and more importantly, to one another.

Annotate: Allow Everyone To Mark Up the Whiteboard as They Collaborate

When teams meet to discuss a project using the digital whiteboard, everyone can have a hand in the process. If teams are whiteboarding a project plan, for example, anyone in the meeting can use the annotation feature to mark up a change to the project. This whiteboarding feature keeps collaboration open to everyone on the team.

In addition to whiteboarding, UCx with Webex offers a wide range of benefits to all SMBs to transform the way they work. We specialize in unified communications, collaboration and additional managed IT services that are tailored to fit small business needs. Contact an expert to learn more about how we can help your business thrive through communications and collaboration.

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