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Why Outsourcing IT Isn’t Just About Saving Money

There was a time when businesses jumped on the outsourcing IT bandwagon simply as a way to save money. Now, it’s an industry where even 80% of small businesses outsource some of their work and is quickly reaching $731 billion a year.

Businesses are quickly learning that there are many ways to benefit from this trend. While one of the biggest advantages continues to be cost savings, there are many other reasons why businesses are choosing to outsource some if not all of their IT needs.

Increase Agility and Adaptability

The world is changing rapidly. For businesses, that can make responding to new customer requirements difficult. If they want something you don’t have, you’ll have to find the resources necessary to respond. This is not a problem when you’re outsourcing IT to a managed services provider. You’re primed to respond to any change as the market demands. And since, many of the outsourced offerings are cloud-based, it’s easier for businesses to be more agile to ever-changing needs.

Tap Into Expertise

Businesses today often don’t have enough internal resources for there to be an expert on every aspect of their IT environment. With a large cybersecurity skills gap in the industry today – often it’s difficult for businesses to find every IT skillset they need in-house. If they do, then it comes with a high price tag considering the costs associated with acquiring and training new talent. Outsourcing IT enables businesses to tap into expertise that may not be present within their business and at a fraction of the cost.

Enable Strategic Growth

Keeping your eye on future growth is difficult in the best of times. Outsourcing IT allows you to be more strategic with your IT operations and rely on certified experts to help you manage every aspect. Because your internal team will be able to offload duties, they can prioritize strategic projects that can make an impact to your bottom line. When you’re able to rely on the expertise of a managed services provider, you can focus on what you do best.

Increased Productivity

Imagine an extra pair of hands helping with your daily tasks. By outsourcing IT, your in-house staff can handle more projects and activities because they are getting the assistance they need to be more productive every step of the way. Not only does this mean your IT team is more productive, but because your IT team supports all your employees, in return that productivity will be passed along to your entire organization.

Access to the Latest Technology

Tired of relying on legacy technology with all its deficiencies? Managing on-premises solutions can be time consuming and costly, especially when it comes time to upgrade. When you choose cloud-based IT services through a managed services provider, you have access to the latest technology without costly upgrades. Plus, you have experts who manage it.

Improve Business Performance

Busy days often mean your own systems and strategies get left behind. Often businesses fall into the trap of not making updates or patches to their system, which can negatively impact business performance. When you outsource your IT, a managed services provider handles these updates for you to ensure your operations are running smoothly. Outsourcing IT will improve your network, security, and communications quickly. You’ll see a jump in performance by bringing another team in to help — and results you’ll notice in your bottom line.

Want to learn more about the benefits of using a managed services provider? Download our free guide for more information about outsourcing IT and managing IT services. If you would like to learn more about how TPx can help you achieve your IT goals, reach out and speak to one of our team members today.

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