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Business Continuity Solutions

Don't Let Mother Nature Take Down Your Network.

Protect your mission-critical applications, systems, and data in the event of a natural or manmade disaster, power outage, or equipment failure or crash.

Continuity Solutions

Continuity solutions from TPx deliver confidence and peace-of-mind when the unexpected happens. (And it will.)


The distributed nature of our UCx service means that your communications infrastructure will still be available in the event of a power outage, storm, fire, or other disaster. Because UCx resides on the TPx network and not on your premises, it’s easy to redirect calls to an alternate location, such as a cell phone, if you can no longer take calls at your primary location.

SSAE 18 Datacenters​

Top-of-the-line SSAE 18 datacenters support your business continuity needs in secure colocation environments that provide dedicated space for your equipment and data storage.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 services are delivered by highly resilient systems that help to ensure high levels of availability. Service continuity provisions are part of the Office 365 system design. These provisions enable Office 365 to recover quickly from unexpected events such as hardware or application failure, data corruption, or other incidents that affect users. And if there is a problem, we’ll work with Microsoft for you.​

Managed Firewall Solutions

Security is constantly evolving, and the number of dangerous threats is growing at a rapid pace. The best way to achieve optimal protection is to layer your network with managed firewall solutions to thwart malicious attacks before they gain a foothold.

Backup and Recovery

You can also reduce the risk of data loss with PC and server backup and recovery solutions that protect you remotely over the Internet.


MSx for WAN powered SD-WAN allows you to mix and match any type of transport (provided by TPx or your local Internet provider) to securely and seamlessly failover to any or all of our core services.


Our Managed SDWAN , Firewall or Networks services can be provisioned with internet continuity over 5G/4G LTE, providing your business with a failover or secondary connection with the performance and reliability of  5G/4G LTE cellular service. Failover is automatic, and the service is designed and priced to support the “must have” apps from your Internet connection.

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