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Expand your business. Grow your income.

As a TPx Vendor Partner, you’ll be part of a business referral program that offers a wealth of solutions, resources and rewards that help you stand out with your customers, succeed and profit.

Today, more than ever, small and medium sized businesses demand a full range of products and services to meet their communication and network service needs. Our full range of connectivity, continuity and cloud products and services offer the right solutions to help you stand out from the competition.

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Why Should You Team with TPx?

  • A Highly Rewarding Relationship.  As a member in our Vendor Partner program, simply provide us business referrals and we take it from there. Our local sales representative will schedule a consultative appointment with your referrals to understand their business and present TPx solutions, while working with you every step of the way. When we close the sale, and your referral becomes an installed customer, you’ll receive competitive commission payment.
  • Experience. TPx has significant experience partnering with business referral partners to leverage the tremendous market opportunities for leading-edge communication and network services. Our experience has shown that knowing the market well and being responsive is one key to our success.
  • Commitment to Performance. You can rely on TPx to deliver a level of service performance that is unrivaled. You’ll discover a commitment to customers that is visible in every aspect of our business and at every level of our company. From our CEO to your local representative, we have an obsession with delivering excellent service that results in long-standing satisfied customers.


Teaming up with TPx.

When you and your customers do business with us, you’re not just doing business with a voice over the phone. You’re doing business with local sales and service representatives who are dedicated to helping you succeed. We’ll be there with you, your customers and their employees every step of the way from initial sale to installation and ongoing support.

Partnering with TPx is a great move toward increasing your income, enjoying perks and rewards and earning more. Let’s discuss how we can help you achieve success.