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A Chronic Need for a Reliable Internet Connection

When a Los Angeles-based fully integrated seed-to-sale cannabis business needed a guaranteed internet connection, it turned to TPx

The Challenge and Opportunity

The company’s production relies heavily on technology and needs a consistent internet connection. Without it, the company risks the potential for losses totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Quick Facts

Brothers Brent and Barry Walker co-founded Dub Brothers Management in 2015

The company is one of the longest-tenured cannabis license holders in California and markets its products under various brand names.

The Solution

The Dub Brothers Management team turned to a trusted partner, TPx, to deliver a reliable and cost-effective internet solution to keep their business running.

The Benefits

With TPx, the company benefits from increased reliability thanks to interconnected network facilities and improved performance quality, resulting in reduced latency.

The Results

The company now has a dependable internet connection, enabling it to cultivate high-quality products and maintain tight margins.

About Dub Brothers

Dub Brothers Management LLC is a Los Angeles-based, fully integrated seed-to-sale cannabis business. The company, co-founded by brothers Brent and Barry Walker in 2015, has five cultivation facilities in the Los Angeles area, including one in Lancaster in the California high desert. Today, the company is one of the largest cannabis license holders in California.

“One of the differences I’ve noticed working with TPx was their service experience. Our account manager is very responsive, and their commitment to promptly meeting our needs is very different from the other internet providers we have worked with in the past.”

James H. Henschel, Chief of Staff, Dub Brothers Management, LLC

The Challenge

In today’s tech-driven world, James Henschel manages an unconventional yet thriving internet-based venture: cannabis cultivation. Despite not managing a typical ecommerce store or selling software, James recognizes that modern marijuana cultivation is a business built on internet connectivity.

As Chief of Staff for Dub Brothers Management LLC, Henschel oversees a cultivation management team that heavily relies on the AROYA® system to ensure the company’s marijuana grows properly by monitoring lighting, climate control and carbon dioxide levels. The system operates within the cloud, so Dub Brothers Management LLC needed a reliable internet connection to remotely observe and control their plants, unlocking a whole new level of precision and efficiency.

“The world of high-tech cultivation brings with it a host of challenges,” Henschel said. To remain competitive, growers must not only adopt high-tech cultivation practices but ensure they have a reliable IT infrastructure to support those practices.

The stakes are high, both figuratively and literally. A simple malfunction in lighting or air conditioning can spell disaster, costing the company anywhere between $100,000 and $250,000. It’s a risk they cannot afford to take lightly. In this high-stakes world, a rock-solid internet connection becomes paramount.

Henschel emphasizes its importance, saying, “We cannot underestimate the significance of a reliable and robust internet connection.”

Planting The Seeds

Over the years, Dub Brothers Management LLC worked with various vendors to supply internet to its facilities with middling results. It wasn’t until the company began working with TPx in 2019 for their internet needs that things started to change.

The partnership was an immediate success. Dub Brothers Management LLC gained reliable internet connectivity with unmatched performance quality, but the one aspect of TPx’s service that set the company apart from other internet service providers: their commitment to customer service.

“TPx’s customer service is unbelievable,” Henschel said. “I’ve been very impressed with TPx’s efficiency. Their commitment to promptly meeting our needs is very different from the other internet providers we work with.”

With so many challenges in the high-tech cultivation space, having a technology partner you can count on is critical.

A Budding Partnership

In early 2023, the company had a new challenge – one that TPx was ready to solve. Dub Brothers Management LLC has a warehouse in Vernon, California. The building is older and made of bricks, making internet connectivity more challenging. The network coverage couldn’t reach the third floor, so the Dub Brothers Management team reached out to TPx to provide a remedy and ensure strong coverage throughout the entire building.

When Henschel and his colleagues told TPx about their need for more connectivity within their aging building, the TPx team knew they could assist. The challenge presented required a consultative approach to internet connectivity. This wasn’t something that could be solved over the phone. Instead, the technology experts at TPx recognized the need for an on-site evaluation and solution design, which involves a technology architect visiting the building and walking it entirely to identify how to provide Dub Brothers Management with more connectivity on the three floors. The consultative approach to this challenge helped further solidify the TPx difference from other internet providers.

“TPx’s consulting services have been nothing but miraculous,” Henschel said. “The team at TPx has been very helpful, and the internet connectivity is reliable. We haven’t experienced any downtime whatsoever, so their services have exceeded my expectations. They’ve been excellent.”

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