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Nonprofit Law Firm Needed Phone System With ‘Good Service’ Without Objection

When a California Legal Services Provider Needed to Ensure Connectivity, TPx Helped Make IT Easy

The Challenge and Opportunity

When the Monterey Park, California-based nonprofit needed to expand its footprint amid the pandemic, it realized the importance of reevaluating its working environment and finding a suitable phone system that could effectively handle its increased workload.

Quick Facts

LADL has locations in Monterey Park, Lancaster and San Diego.

LADL and its 187 lawyers are committed to the families they serve and to keeping families together.

The Solution

Fortunately, LADL’s longtime partner TPx was able to customize a phone solution that met LADL’s specific needs and provided the necessary support when they pivoted to a remote work environment during the pandemic.

The Benefits

TPx’s phone system allows the LADL team to stay connected no matter where they work, whether working remotely or when in the office.

The Results

Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers (LADL) is a nonprofit organization representing more than 18,900 parents in cases in Los Angeles County. 

About Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers

Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers (LADL) is a nonprofit law firm representing parents in juvenile dependency proceedings in Los Angeles County. LADL provides its clients with an interdisciplinary team consisting of the staff attorney, a supervising attorney, LADL social workers and investigators, paralegals, and parent partners, all supported by a top-notch secretarial and clerical staff. LADL and its 187 lawyers are committed to the families they serve and to keeping families together.

Custom business phone system case study for Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers

“TPx is an incredibly effective partner. When we need to add new phones, they responded within 24 hours with an estimate that we could sign and approve. TPx is always responsive, and the final costs are always exactly what we expect.”

Cindy Jackson, Human Resources Manager, Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers

The Challenge

During the pandemic, the Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers (LADL) found themselves challenged to continue to provide legal support to families in need. As the world grappled with the new normal, LADL recognized the urgency of reevaluating its working environment to ensure that its vital legal services could continue seamlessly.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we never closed,” Jackson said. “The court essentially closed for a week so everybody could figure out how to do all the court hearings remotely. Even during that time, we still had to have staff here so somebody could answer the phones and keep our clients informed.”

“Call forwarding is an incredibly helpful feature,” Jackson said. “During the pandemic, the IT department worked with TPx to get all our calls forwarded from our office phones to people’s cell phones. Now people can use that option when working remotely.”

The Solution

LADL and TPx have been partners for 15 years, beginning with managed IT services. Today, TPx is responsible for providing and managing LADL’s phone system, ensuring its smooth operation with regular maintenance and upgrades. Whenever LADL requires additional phone installations or on/off-site services, TPx’s familiarity with LADL’s setup and needs allows for prompt assistance.

By partnering with TPx, LADL also has top-level security integrated into its phone system. In today’s interconnected world, security and intrusion prevention are ever-growing concerns for businesses of every size, which is why TPx focuses on ensuring safety and security everywhere possible.

TPx’s UCx service provides customers like LADL with an industry-leading Unified Communications experience that delivers the highest possible level of security without impeding service quality.

The TPx team provides outstanding, responsive and effective service, all while managing projects well, staying on budget and communicating through emails and phone calls.

As the head of Human Resources, Jackson does not have a background in IT, but as with many nonprofits, she finds herself wearing a lot of hats to keep the organization functioning.

“Since the beginning of the organization, we’ve had a lot of turnover in our IT department,” Jackson said. “So whenever anything happened, and we had a new IT person, I would still be the go-to. I’ve been here since the beginning of the organization, and I’m part of the administration, so they say, ‘Let’s ask Cindy; Cindy knows,’ and I would reply, ‘Let me call TPx.’”

Having a steadfast partner like TPx helps bring new IT workers up to speed quickly.

The Results

Jackson regularly works with her account manager and the technicians who come on-site. Essentially, the TPx team ensures the phones work.

“It’s extremely important because our computer is connected to the phone, and then the phone is connected to the port on the wall,” Jackson said. “When my phone is down, my network is down, and I’m not able to do any work on my computer. So that makes TPx extremely important to us; it comes down to the fact that there’s always somebody to ask questions of at TPx. If it’s the wrong person, they’ll point you in the right direction.”

Having relied on TPx for LADL’s IT needs for many years, Jackson is confident that TPx can deliver on any of LADL’s IT needs. When LADL relocated about six years ago, Jackson reached out to TPx for assistance in adding new phones for the incoming team members. TPx responded promptly by picking up the existing phones and facilitating their relocation to the new office space.

“I reached out to an old contact and said, ‘We’re moving, and we want to move our phones with us. Are you the person that I’m supposed to call?” Jackson recalled. “He said, ‘I can’t do that part, but I’m going to put you in touch with the right person to get that move organized and situated for you.’ And then he showed up the day of the move to make sure that everything went smoothly.”

No matter the team member — from account management to technicians to leadership — TPx is dedicated to making sure their clients, like LADL, remain connected even during challenging circumstances, including a global pandemic.

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