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MPLS and Network Monitoring

MPLS with network monitoring links multi-state locations and offers peace of mind for helicopter tour company.

The Challenge and Opportunity

When CIO Joshua Leavitt joined the company to run its technology side in 2002, Maverick had added a couple of helicopters to its first workhorse aircraft and seen a steadily increasing stream of customers drawn by its commitment to high roller personalized service and attention. Then the business took off — and Leavitt found himself faced with the challenges that accelerating growth brought. Leavitt needed to establish a communications infrastructure that could keep pace with a rapid growth of locations.

Quick Fact

Operates more than 45 luxury helicopters flown by experienced pilots

Operates in three states: Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii

The Solution

MPLS VPN services with Network Monitor

The Benefits

Simplified provisioning and managing of data communications across six locations with real-time network monitoring feedback.

The Results

TPx has proved to be the valuable sixth man on Maverick’s team.

About Maverick Helicopters

Maverick Helicopters, one of the largest aviation-based tourism companies in the world, was founded in 1995 by an entrepreneurial couple with one helicopter and a vision to elevate the industry. More than 25 years later, Maverick Helicopters employs over 250 dedicated team members whose mission is to provide premier aerial experiences in some of the best destinations in the United States. Maverick Helicopters operates more than 45 luxury helicopters flown by experienced pilots.

Maverick Helicopters MPLS VPN case study interior

“One of the biggest benefits we utilize is Network Monitor. It constantly keeps an eye on the network so I don’t have to. It tells me what our delay is, our utilization, the status and where I need to focus.”

Joshua Leavitt, CIO

The Challenge

“When I came, there wasn’t any network infrastructure at all because we were a small operation operating out of a single location,” he explains. “In 2009, we expanded from one building to two and I started with TPx. Their MPLS solution had the ability to connect those sites and share resources that gave us the ability to rapidly grow. Today, we have 300 employees, more than 40 state-of-the-art Eco-Star helicopters and six fixed-wing aircraft, at five bases across Nevada and Arizona — and we’ve just opened our first location in Hawaii.”

“I always want to be able to tell our owner that we’re ready to do whatever he wants to do and go wherever he wants to go,” says Leavitt. “With the kind of terrific growth we’re having and multiple sites across three states, that isn’t necessarily easy to do. Monitoring all the moving parts of the network and configuring an increasingly complex set of different routers and transport systems would be a tall order without careful planning.”

Leavitt wanted a solution to his connectivity needs that would simplify the process of provisioning and managing his data communications across Maverick’s growing universe. TPx’s MPLS solution with Network Monitor delivered a flight plan that steered clear of turbulence.

The Solution

“One of the biggest benefits we utilize is Network Monitor,” says Leavitt. “It constantly keeps an eye on the network so I don’t have to. It tells me what our delay is, our utilization, the status and where I need to focus. Having that service available with MPLS is huge. I can easily manage my network and see how it’s performing. I feel comfortable since I have advance notice of any problems. You don’t have to speculate because you have info and that makes my job a lot easier.”

Since Maverick Helicopters distinguishes itself from its multiple competitors by its top-shelf customer treatment, Leavitt appreciates being on the receiving end of the service equation.

“We see technology as a team sport with Maverick’s crew in for the long game and calling on resources for that special play. The TPx team fills a specific role in our intracompany connectivity, telecommunications, network planning, and network stability. We have worked with TPx’s engineering, implementation, sales, technical support, and INOC staff. They have been there through conception, development, roadmap, installation, and support. TPx has proved to be the valuable sixth man in our team.”

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