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A Secure Banking Network with Firewalls and SD-WAN

When a community bank saw suspicious traffic on its network, it banked on the expertise of TPx.

The Challenge and Opportunity

The IT team at a community bank knew it faced a potential catastrophe when it discovered an unauthorized user was operating within its system. Without action, a malicious actor could illicitly access customer accounts, reroute transfers to third-party accounts or sell the information on the dark web.

Quick Facts

Within 15 minutes, the TPx team was able to pinpoint where the threat was coming from and expel the malicious user from the customer network.

The Solution

The bank’s IT team called in the experts at TPx to stop the malicious actor in their tracks. The TPx team worked to identify and remediate the threat in less than 40 minutes.

The Benefits

With TPx as a partner, the bank’s IT team can focus on its customer-facing applications knowing they can rely on TPx when trouble arises.

The Results

The TPx team swiftly identified and isolated the malicious user, effectively blocking their access to customer information, including bank accounts. This proactive action saved the bank from complications and potential financial losses.

The Challenge

The financial sector has always been a high-value target for cybercriminals due to the private information and large sums of money these institutions handle. As a community bank, the risks are often higher. Cybercriminals often target community banks over national or super-regional banks due to the size of the financial institution and the resources they have compared to larger banks. Given the volumes of data the bank oversees, a malicious action could wreak untold damage — illicitly accessing customer accounts, rerouting transfers to third-party accounts or selling the information on the dark web. The community bank knew they needed they needed a reliable and secure network to manage operations across its branch locations, which is why they turned to TPx.

The Solution

The bank partnered with TPx for its SD-WAN and Firewall solutions. TPx’s SD-WAN solution helped the bank realize greater network agility and control over network operations across its branch locations. Because of the financial and PII data the bank possesses, boosting network security was also a priority, which is why the bank implemented TPx’s Managed Firewalls service. With 24/7 oversight and management provided by TPx, security threats are quickly detected and responded to, keeping the network secure.

While the bank has a sizeable IT team and does monitor cybersecurity, TPx’s Managed Firewalls and SD-WAN services allows the bank more time to focus on other key IT initiatives, its banking applications and uptime for customers and create a great customer experience.

Detecting Threats in Real Time

When the community bank realized an unauthorized user was operating within its system and behind its firewall, the IT team knew it had a potential catastrophe on its hands. With the malicious actor’s presence identified, the banking IT team knew time was of the essence. While the unauthorized user hadn’t accessed any data, the bank’s IT team called in the experts at TPx to stop the attack — before the situation escalated.

Within 15 minutes, the TPx team was able to pinpoint where the threat was coming from and expel the malicious user from the customer network.

Security Success

The success of a security incident response is typically judged on two critical metrics: the time to detect an anomaly and the time taken to respond to it.  In the case of the community bank, TPx played a crucial role in achieving a near-instantaneous response time by closely monitoring their SD-WAN and the firewall. By promptly detecting any anomalies, TPx accelerated the overall incident response process. These two indicators, the time to detect and the time to respond, are the most significant factors in evaluating the effectiveness of a security incident response.

Thanks to the TPx team’s extensive knowledge of the bank’s network and their best-in-class response times, they were able to prevent a worst-case scenario from occurring. This incident further solidified TPx’s position as a trusted partner their client could bank on for their IT and security needs.

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