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Empowering Ministry Through Technology

When a California church needed to increase its connectivity to build community, it turned to TPx.

The Challenge and Opportunity

The Rock Church and World Outreach Center is all about building connections. To do so, it needs reliable technology to reach followers wherever they are.

Quick Fact

Since its beginning, the ministry has evolved, and its technology needs have changed, including the need to stream its services, which took on a new urgency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Solution

Partnering with TPx, the church was able to power its network with Mbps fiber circuits and VoIP phones.

The Benefits

TPx’s flexibility and willingness to work around the church’s specific needs saved it a substantial amount of money.

The Results

The strategic partnership with TPx yielded a faster network that let the church drive greater community outreach.

About Rock Church and World Outreach Center

The Rock Church and World Outreach Center was founded in San Bernardino, California, in 1988. The church exists to bring a culture of love and forgiveness to California’s Inland Empire. It is passionate about sharing the word of God and aims to support and nurture spiritual growth within the community, guiding everyone toward personal development and extending the word of God to those in need.

Rock Church and World Outreach Center case study

“When I compared TPx with services from other providers, TPx not only outperformed in terms of pricing but also consistently delivered on what they promised. Having interacted with customer service and technical support across various platforms, I’ve encountered disappointment more often than not. However, my experience with TPx has been a refreshing exception. To get a service at a comparable price point or even under what other people are providing makes it a win-win situation.”

Troy Bracken, Systems Administrator, Rock Church and World Outreach Center

The Challenge

While the Rock Church and World Outreach Center team knows that its services are most impactful in person, it’s nice to have an option for those who can’t always attend live.

Pastors Jim and Deborah Cobrae started the Rock Church and World Outreach Center in 1988 with a dozen people and a limited set of resources. It became a refuge for those in need, fostering a community and growing into a church with thousands in the congregation.

While church leaders may not have had technology on their minds during those early days, in more than a quarter of a century since the San Bernardino church has evolved — and continues to grow.

To keep pace, the church’s IT team knew it needed a fast, reliable internet with the bandwidth to handle its current needs and grow and evolve as those demands change. 

The Solution

Troy Bracken, the church’s Systems Administrator, has worked with the organization for almost 20 years and started in his current role about nine years ago.

A few years ago, when the church decided to replace its PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system with a more modern VoIP option, Bracken was tasked with finding a provider who could supply the right solutions within their tight budgetary limitations. Initially, Bracken planned to keep the Internet services through TPx and go with a different company for the VoIP phones.

However, when he started researching options, it became clear that TPx not only offered the right products and services but also was able to provide them at an extremely competitive price. TPx even offered a better price than the dedicated internet service provider (ISP).

“I remember thinking ISPs should be able to outprice the companies reselling their services,” Bracken said. “Since it’s their own lines, I thought they would be able to offer lower rates, but surprisingly, that wasn’t the case. I looked through seven different companies, and every single company was more expensive per line.”

For a church that operates on donations, every cost carries a significant weight. The affordability factor made TPx’s VoIP phone and internet offerings not only a practical choice but a responsible one, aligning seamlessly with the church’s mission and financial considerations.

The Benefits

TPx implemented over 100 VoIP phone lines to provide simple, secure, and affordable communications for the church’s sprawling campus. These lines have become essential for the church’s offices, where administrative and outreach activities are orchestrated, and when paired with the Mbps fiber circuits, provide the reliability they need.

At the core of the church’s digital outreach program is TPx’s Mbps fiber circuits, which enable reliable live streaming. Each week, the church can now seamlessly broadcast its services to those unable to attend in person, fostering unity and engagement across their ministry.

One of the true benefits the Rock Church has been able to realize through the partnership with TPx is its remarkable flexibility and cost savings. TPx’s dedication to tailoring services to the church’s specific needs has helped ensure they only pay for what they need. But beyond the flexibility and cost savings, the Rock Church has a partner who cares about their success.

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VoIP phone lines installed

The Results

As the ministry evolves, the Rock Church knows they can count on TPx. With TPx as a partner, making changes to the services is hassle-free; Bracken simply picks up the phone and calls his TPx team, and the service is updated as needed.

“Our partnership with TPx has not only translated into significant cost savings but has also preserved the quality of our church services,” Bracken said. “TPx’s exceptional service comes at an exceptional value.”

Through the TPx partnership, the Rock Church and World Outreach Center was able to optimize on-campus communications and leverage a reliable fiber network option for live streaming, all while staying within their budgetary constraints. TPx’s solutions not only addressed the church’s technological needs but also aligned seamlessly with its mission, vision, and values.

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