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Good Medicine: Forging the Perfect IT Partnership

When SaVida Health needed a technology solution it could repeat across its network, they turned to trusted provider TPx to deliver.

The Challenge

SaVida understands that addiction is a treatable disease, but the limited number of facilities makes treatment inaccessible for many who need it. SaVida aims to make treatment more accessible by increasing its footprint and opening more locations in communities that need it. With extremely limited IT resources, SaVida didn’t have the staff or time to troubleshoot issues as they arise.

Quick Facts

SaVida Health provides outpatient opioid and alcohol addiction treatment and telehealth services.

SaVida has 42 locations — predominantly in rural areas of the Northeast and Southeast — and adds several new locations every year.

The Opportunity

When Robert Gardner, IT Manager, joined the organization three years ago, there were only five locations opened, but plans for more were already in the works. As the sole IT professional at the company on the verge of a large expansion, Gardner knew he needed a simple, standardized IT template that could be replicated at all SaVida locations that required minimal hands-on maintenance.

The Solution

UCx cloud-based UCaaS with recording and fax, managed firewall service, SD-WAN, managed high-speed internet access and managed network hardware.

Results + Benefits

The partnership has saved considerable time, eliminated the need to hire additional IT staff, and allowed SaVida to focus its resources on treatment. SaVida benefits from a copy-and-paste expansion template that simplifies IT execution to support continued growth. Standardized IT ensures timely security patches and compliance updates.

About SaVida Health

SaVida Health provides outpatient treatment services to those suffering from opioid and alcohol addiction disease. As an addiction treatment center, SaVida Health has a noble, straightforward mission: to improve the lives of people with addiction through respectful, compassionate and effective treatment. Its care model combines FDA-approved treatment medications, counseling, comprehensive toxicology testing, and case management.
Healthcare IT solutions with telehealth

“I love the model that we’ve built. It’s a workgroup model rather than a domain-based model. TPx helps make sure each new location is up and running quickly. That’s been wonderful.”

Robert Gardner, IT Manager

The Solution: Healthcare Managed IT Services

Robert knew he needed a trustworthy partner that could help SaVida overcome the growing pains of their rapid expansion — a partner that allowed for the flexibility necessary to operate in multiple locations, would keep their patients’ medical documents secure and provide great customer support. Robert began searching for the Managed Services Provider (MSP) that would be the ideal partner for SaVida’s needs. Enter TPx.

Ultimately, Robert knew he could get what he needed from any MSP. What he needed most was a reliable partner that would know exactly what to do with each new location.

To streamline operations, Robert developed a standardized IT set up using cloud-based applications. With each location using the same, integrated cloud tools Gardner can manage and monitor them centrally. TPx provides SaVida with UCx — its cloud-based unified communications solution — that includes faxing and recording capabilities. For some locations TPx also supplies firewalls, SD-WAN and managed High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA). But most importantly, SaVida and TPx have forged a trusted partnership.

“When we open a new location, the TPx team provides a team member that knows our set up,” said Robert. “TPx mirrors what we’ve been doing, and we are up and running quickly. Having TPx handle the networking gear also means that another responsibility is out of my hands. All I have to do is call and say, ‘We have a broken piece of equipment,’ and it’s fixed.”

The Results

SaVida has gone through an incredible growth period, adding nearly 40 new locations in three years. Even though he is still an IT team of one, Gardner has been able to keep pace with SaVida’s expansion by using his copy-and-paste IT approach.

Having a standardized IT set up in place with a single, centralized operating system makes it easy for Robert to stay on top of tasks like security patches and compliance updates which ensures the protection of patients’ electronic medical records (EMR).

TPx’s services are enabling SaVida to grow quickly and efficiently. The partnership forged by SaVida and TPx has saved considerable time for the SaVida team and eliminated the need to hire additional IT staff. Gardner can simply pick up the phone and call his TPx account manager for any needs and expedite any urgent requests.

Every dollar saved is a dollar SaVida can use to bolster its resources for patient treatment. The approach also allows Robert to focus his attention elsewhere. With TPx in his corner, he knows the team stays on top of the changing technology and security landscape.


Treatment centers managed with a centralized IT setup

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