UCx User Bundles

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Whoever you are and whatever you do, our UCx user bundles fit the way you work.

With our UCx user bundles, it’s easy to build a Unified Communications service that meets your unique requirements. Every member of your team will have the right set of tools for the job – and you won’t have to cobble it all together yourself.

UCx User Bundles


User Bundle UCx Basic UCx Voice UCx Complete
User Profile Lobby, conference room, visitor Office-based employee, no mobility needs Employee with multiple devices, works remotely
Included Usage  Pooled  Pooled  Pooled
Voice Calling Desk phone Desk phone Desk phone or UCx app
Video Calling
Voicemail to Email
Call Forwarding
Do Not Disturb
Shared Call Appearance
Sequential & Simultaneous Ring
N-Way Calling
Remote Office
Desktop & Mobile UCx Apps
Chat & SMS Messaging
Availability Status (Presence)
Screen Sharing
Audio & Video Conferencing

Calling Options: 

   Desk phone

   Desk phone with camera attachment

   UCx app (desktop, mobile, and tablet)

Call Center Agent Bundles

We’ve also built special UCx bundles for call center users. These bundles pair the power of UCx with a fully featured and customizable call center queue.

User Bundle UCx Agent Standard UCx Agent Premium
User Profile  Smaller organization with an inbound call queue  Larger organization with inbound and/or outbound call queues
Included Calling Minutes  Pooled  Pooled
Included UCx Bundle UCx Complete UCx Complete
Call Center Standard Premium
Call Center Agent Client



Call Center Supervisor Client



+ Available add-on


Each user bundle includes 1,000 minutes of domestic outbound voice usage (to the contiguous United States and Canada; other restrictions apply) per month. Minutes are pooled for all users in the enterprise. Calls between users within the enterprise are free and do not use bundled minutes.

Learn more about international calling with UCx.

User Bundle Features

Visit our support site for a detailed feature list and supporting documentation.

UCx App Features

UCx Desktop App: Voice Calling (Softphone), Video Calling, Instant Messaging, Presence, Desktop Sharing, File Transfer, Click-to-Dial, Corporate Directory

UCx Mobile Apps (Smartphone and Tablet): Voice Calling, Video Calling, Instant Messaging, Presence, Click-to-Dial, Corporate Directory