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The Easiest Way to Online Fax

Faxing just got a whole lot easier. Send virtual faxes from anywhere with any device and without any additional hardware needed.

Online Fax Services That Make Doing Business Easy

When you need to send an urgent fax, you need a solution that’s convenient and easy to use. TPx’s virtual fax service gives you the flexibility to send faxes how you want, specify routing methods, and can help you overcome compliance challenges.

Send Anywhere

Send and receive virtual faxes from anywhere through our web portal or send your fax as an email.

Send Simply

Sending an online fax is as easy as sending an email! Just attach your document, insert the address, and click send.

Send Securely

Securely send and store faxes online with configuration options to ensure your faxes remain confidential.

Send and Receive Virtual Faxes in the Cloud

TPx’s Virtual Fax service delivers both inbound and outbound faxing in the cloud using your choice of toll-free or local numbers. Our modern faxing solution will help you better support remote work with secure document transfers and easy send capabilities.

Inbound Online Faxing

Receive faxes straight to your email or within our web portal. The intuitive web portal makes it easy to search your inbound fax history and the PDFs of your received faxes. Because TPx’s virtual fax service uses OCR (optical character recognition), you don’t have to sift through PDF after PDF of content to find what you’re looking for.

Outbound Online Faxing

Sending online faxes couldn’t be easier. Simply add file attachments through email or our web portal and select your recipients. Send faxes immediately or schedule a fax for later with auto retry attempts enabled. You never have to worry if your fax went through or not with successful and failed fax notifications, an outgoing fax queue, and outbound fax history.

Get All the Benefits of Online Fax Services

Easy management of faxing options for both users and admins through an intuitive web portal..

Lower your costs of paper and toner by using an online fax service.

Get business continuity with online faxes and protect your faxing capabilities in the event of a disaster or outage at your business location.

Gain access to powerful reporting and tracking including a full audit trail of all fax activity.

Eliminate the need for extra analog phone lines and leased fax machines.

Get easy access to commonly used numbers by creating and managing a phone book directly within the virtual fax application.

Online Faxing + Cloud Communications = A Perfect Match

TPx’s virtual fax service reimagines the way faxing should be. But don’t just stop at faxing, transform your business communications with a complete, unified solution all in a single application.
Chat and collaborate with your team easily with UCx with Webex.
Meet virtually with employees or customers anywhere, anytime.
Get best-in-class audio and business phone technology.

You Deserve an Online Fax Service You Can Trust

TPx’s Virtual Fax service is a reliable solution that can help power your business transactions day after day. With the highest level of security and feature functionality, see how our online fax service can help your business.

General Unified Communications FAQ

An online fax is a document that is sent or received using an internet connection instead of a phone line like a traditional fax uses
Most of the “fax as a service” solutions are quite basic and are built to address the needs of individual users or small home offices – not businesses. TPx’s Virtual Fax service makes it easier for businesses to send faxes online and can support businesses of all sizes.
The user attaches the document that needs to be faxed either directly within email or in the web portal and selects their recipient or recipients and hits send. The fax is then send over the internet to the intended recipient(s).

TPx’s Virtual Fax service can be added to any UCx with Webex package. Contact a sales representative to learn more about packages and pricing options.