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Whether your company has 5 employees or 5,000, you can give your customers the impression of a large, professional organization with Hosted Call Center Solutions from TPx.

Call Center goes far beyond call routing, enabling you to empower your call center agents with fully-featured Instant Messaging and Presence. Entrance messages, comfort messages, and alternate off-hours routing will increase customer satisfaction. What’s more, thanks to the power of UCx, your agents won’t be tied to the main office — they can answer calls in the queue from branch locations or even at home.

TPx offers two Call Center packages, both of which are completely customizable to meet your organization’s unique requirements.

  • Standard Call Center – Ideal for smaller organizations looking to implement a professional solution to managing inbound calls. It allows up to 50 queued calls, and comes with a full range of features – such as Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), customizable greetings, and reporting tools – designed to ease administration and enhance your customer’s experience.
  • Premium Call Center – Ideal for organizations faced with the need to manage a large call volume. Its robust features, paired with outbound calling capability and a queue that can handle up to 525 calls, will give you the ability to quickly and efficiently handle all customer calls.

You can also add these web-based clients to either Call Center package to integrate advanced functionality.

  • Call Center Agent Client – Puts the power of the call center at the fingertips of the agent. It allows the agent to join the call center, view inbound call and queue information, instant message and view presence state of contacts, set ACD state, escalate calls to the supervisor, and more.
  • Call Center Supervisor Client – Gives supervisors a full set of tools to more effectively manage the queue and their agents’ performance. Supervisors can directly manage queued calls, barge-in or silently monitor agents’ calls, manually enable Night Service or Forced Forwarding, and access detailed agent and queue activity reports.

Call Center Agent Bundles

We’ve built special UCx bundles for call center users. These bundles pair the power of UCx with a fully featured and customizable call center queue.


User Bundle UCx Agent Standard UCx Agent Premium
User Profile  Smaller organization with an inbound call queue  Larger organization with inbound and/or outbound call queues
Included Calling Minutes   Unlimited  Unlimited
Included UCx Bundle   UCx Power  UCx Power
Call Center  Standard  Premium
Call Center Agent Client



Call Center Supervisor Client



+ Available add-on