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Discontinuance Notice: DNS Hosting & Email Relay

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If you are actively using DNS Hosting , Email Relay, or both of these services from TPx, it is critical you seek an alternate provider to obtain replacement service(s) before September 19, 2022. If you currently do not use either of these services, there is no action required.

If you are unsure, please discuss this issue with your IT staff or third party IT support resource to evaluate your requirements. DNS Hosting of your domain may be critical to supporting your website, email and other applications and can simply be transitioned to companies who specialize in DNS Hosting services, like, Network Solutions and others. Email Relay services are typically used for bulk email campaigns and are also provided by various email marketing service providers.

If you are already working with an alternate provider, or have recently completed a transition to an alternate provider please let us know. Again, if you are using one or both of these services, please take action to transition to another service provider (instructions provided below) before the September 19, 2022 service discontinuance date.

Steps to Migrate your DNS

Customer can follow these simple steps to migrate DNS hosting from TPx to another DNS Host provider:

    1. Choose a new DNS service provider. A search on Google, “Best Free DNS Hosting Providers,” will return various options for DNS hosting at no cost.
    2. Set up an account with the new provider. The customer contracts with another DNS provider to begin hosting their DNS and provisions their domain’s DNS records with them. (If needed, they can open a TPx Support Case to get a copy of the current zone file for the domain they have hosted with TPx.)
    3. Establish your new DNS name servers. The customer then contacts their Domain Registrar (Note: registrar and DNS host are not always the same entity) and updates their domain’s name servers to the values provided by the new DNS host. If the domain’s registrar is Network Solutions and currently provisioned under TPx’s corporate account, then the customer will need to take ownership of the domain before they can update the name servers. (Read below.)


Transfer of Ownership Required for Domain Registration with Network Solutions

When your domain is currently registered through our TPx Network Solutions account, TPx controls the domain and control must be transferred to the customer before they can migrate their DNS. Open a support case with TPx for assistance with this transfer.

Normally, to do this, we have Network Solutions send Authorization Codes directly to the customer email account that Network Solutions have on file. The customers then provide these to the registrar of their choice, even if it will be Network Solution, and transfers the domain registration to themselves.

However, if the customer email address that Network Solutions has on file is incorrect or invalid then Network Solutions will lock the account for 60 days when the address is changed. The workaround for this is to provide the customer with the Network Solutions WHOLESALE TO RETAIL REQUEST form. They can fill this out and send it to Network Solutions to transfer the domain registration to themselves.

If you are working with support on the migration, If you have concerns about migrating your DNS, please escalate by emailing [email protected] and provide your support case number.

Date: August 15, 2022

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