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Functions Available to Participants

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Participants in a Meet-Me Conference have the following control functions available. For a full menu, dial * on the keypad. Only the participant hears the menu, while moderators and other participants continue talking in the conference. While the menu is playing, the participant does not hear the conference.

Dial Function Details
* Play or repeat menu options
*0 Transfer to Operator Disconnects the participant from the conference and transfers the participant to TPx Customer Care for assistance.
*1 Mute or unmute yourself Participants can mute or unmute themselves in a conference. If they’ve been muted by a moderator, they can still unmute themselves with this keypad command. If the conference is in Lecture Mode (including Automatic Lecture Mode), participants cannot unmute themselves.
*2 Participant count, followed by roll call
*7 Enter Self-Identification Code Participants can self-identify to any application that is subscribed for notifications. When a conference is created, the host can select if attendees should self-identify themselves by entering a code with a maximum of 10 digits.
*9 Log in as Moderator The participant is asked for the moderator PIN. If the PIN is correct, the participant is elevated to moderator status and can execute moderator commands.
# Exit the menu and return to the conference


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