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UCx Collaborate is included with all UCx user bundles at UCx Complete and higher. If your UCx installation occurred before February 2017 and you’d like to upgrade your account, please contact TPx Customer Care.

What is UCx Collaborate?

UCx Collaborate provides an improved conferencing bridge for audio and multipoint video calling, plus the ability to invite “guests” (non-UCx users) to participate in UCx “My Room” collaboration sessions.

Features include:

  • Fully-integrated audio and video collaboration
  • Maximum participants:
    • Up to 15 on a multi-point video call
    • Up to 50 on an audio bridge
    • Up to 50 on a group chat
    • Up to 50 on a group screen share
  • Web-based audio and video for guest participants (Note: Chrome browser is required)

I’m an existing UCx customer. What changes will I see in the UCx app when I update to UCx Collaborate?

You will be assigned a new conference bridge number with UCx Collaborate. The bridge you have today will still exist, and you can still use it if you like. However, when you launch My Room in UCx, it will use your new UCx Collaborate bridge.

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