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What to Expect During Access Ordering and Installation

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TPx is excited to coordinate the installation of your Internet Access. You have our commitment that we will work hard to exceed your expectations and do our utmost to ensure a well-managed and reliable access circuit is installed. While we are responsible for placing and managing the order, we cannot be successful without your assistance, and therefore we require your input and help in the process.

Customer Responsibility

Local Contact (LCON)

You can expect our underlying access carrier to contact you directly. As such, we need the contact information for a current Local Contact (LCON) for each of your locations to coordinate the on-site installation.

Specific Demarc Site Information

Supply the specific suite, floor and room information of where the circuit will be delivered. Clear instructions are necessary to avoid confusion where there may be multiple demarcation points on the same floor and/or the building.

Right of Entry (ROE)/Special Permission Form (SPF)

Securing ROE/SPF allows the carrier to extend and maintain the infrastructure for installation. A ROE/SPF Agreement between the carrier and building owner or property manager may be required.

Room Readiness

Required work must be completed before the scheduled install. TPx recommends that the environment be a locked space to prevent unauthorized entry.

  • Backboard (4’ x 8’ x ¾”) or equipment rack
  • A dust free environment with adequate lighting and recommended temperature of 65 to 80° F and
    humidity between 30%-55%
  • Commercial AC power within 6 feet of the carrier’s equipment; additionally, TPx strongly recommends an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Inside wiring/Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE)

Third-Party Construction

TPx may identify third-party construction issues after the order is placed with the carrier. Try as we might to identify these issues prior to placing the order, unforeseen issues and costs arise. If these costs or other permitting issues are identified, we will explain the costs and timeline adjustments and if necessary, work with you to find an alternate access solution. Should an alternate solution be necessary, it will require TPx to re-initiate the order process with the carrier.

Installation Intervals

Installation intervals for Access can vary greatly. Our ability to meet your requested due date can be impacted by a variety of factors; location, available facilities, bandwidth speeds, inside wiring, and even permitting issues from municipalities. While we will always strive to meet your requested due date, it is important to understand that it is difficult to commit with absolute certainty the service delivery date.

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