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TelePacific Becomes TPx Communications

LOS ANGELES, CA — TelePacific has grown far beyond its historical telecom roots and traditional western footprint.  Reflecting that, the premier national managed services carrier is launching a new brand name that gives a nod to the past while it focuses on a future built around hosted unified communications, managed IT and connectivity that serves business customers wherever they operate. Starting today, TelePacific is TPx Communications.

“When we acquired DSCI last year as part of our ongoing evolution in response to our customers’ needs for integrated managed services it was pretty clear that neither ‘Tele’ nor ‘Pacific’ fit the company we are today,” says Dick Jalkut, TPx’s CEO.  “We’re national, and we’re the premier managed services carrier, which means that we live up to a five-nine’s performance guarantee expectation for all of our extraordinarily broad portfolio of solutions.  Customers aim to ‘reach a higher state of connectedness’ and TPx’s managed services simplify their lives so they can concentrate on growing their businesses instead of overseeing their networks. TPx is really TelePacific to the “x” power.”

Los Angeles-based TPx has been growing rapidly, adding employees, new facilities and products.  In the last three months, it has unveiled state-of-the-art demo rooms in offices across the country where customers can get hands-on experience with its flagship UCx hosted unified communications product suite and a new Security Operations Center in St. Louis as the anchor for its growing portfolio of security services.  Today, managed services drive the majority of TPx’s new business, and that quickly deepening set of offerings is available, with guaranteed performance, wherever there’s a broadband connection. TPx has tripled the provisioning staff supporting a deep set of managed services that also includes hosted managed IT, Office 365 support, security and continuity solutions.

“While connectivity is still a big part of our business,” Jalkut says, “that means something very different today than it did when we depended only on our own networks.  We’re increasingly using Software-Defined Networking, SD-WAN, to deliver our services over any customer connection, anywhere.  That’s a game changer that lets enterprises benefit from our leading-edge and cost-effective solutions without being limited by their geography or network connectivity provider.”

TPx is debuting its new brand name, logo and presence at the Channel Partners Conference and Expo in Las Vegas.  Sales through Agents across the country account for half of TPx’s business and the channel relationship has always gotten star billing for support, education and resource.

TelePacific consistently rates among the very best providers by our top-performing agent partners – a company we depend on to help us navigate the tremendous changes that today’s technology and evolving customer expectations bring,” says Alan Sandler, founder and managing partner of Sandler Partners, the nation’s fastest growing distributor of connectivity and cloud services.  “They earn very high marks for their suite of managed services and their connectivity breadth, as well as their dependability and willingness to go the extra mile for our partners and their customers. We loved working with TelePacific regionally, but we’re really excited about working with TPx and its people across the entire country as they show the world what a managed services carrier can be.”

TPx’s underlying corporate identity will remain unchanged for all legal and regulatory purposes.  Customers will see no change to their contracts, support or contact information.  DSCI, a TelePacific company, will be fully integrated as part of TPx and will share the new brand name.

About TPx Communications

TPx Communications is a new kind of managed services provider — the premier national managed services carrier.  Formed from the merger of TelePacific and DSCI, TPx is redefining the way enterprises grow, compete and communicate. TPx’s  Unified Communications, Managed IT services, continuity and connectivity solutions all work together to “reach a higher state of connectedness” – with customers, employees, clients, suppliers, locations, applications and more.  We can provide guaranteed performance wherever there’s a broadband connection, erasing the limitations of geography, incumbent providers and capital expenditure.  Headquartered in Los Angeles, with major locations across the country, TPx has delivered 15 years of consecutive quarter-over-quarter growth, driven by a DNA of obsessive customer service and word-of-mouth referral.  For more information, go to www.tpx.com.