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TelePacific Launches National SD-WAN Offering

Picks VeloCloud™ as new platform for managed services that delivers guaranteed performance over any broadband connection

Los Angeles, CA, October 11, 2016 – TelePacific has moved SD-WAN from a declaration of strategic intent to real world general availability. It has signed a long-term contract with VeloCloud Networks, the Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN company, to provide the foundation technology that is now delivering its rapidly growing Unified Communications, Managed IT and Managed Services to businesses across the country. This agreement is a transformational milestone that marries the company’s heritage in delivering the rock solid dependability that businesses depend on for their communications with the flexibility, value and power that today’s leading-edge Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology enables. With this nationwide launch, TelePacific supercharges the national expansion begun by the acquisition of leading managed services provider DSCI in September.

“Our Ethernet Ecosystem has just gone galactic,” says Jared Martin, VP of TelePacific’s ITx Managed Services business. “We piloted this with customers across the country, to rave reviews. We can deliver TelePacific products and services using SD-WAN anywhere that a customer has a broadband connection, with the same guaranteed performance that businesses and enterprises of all kinds depend on us to deliver. Today, voice and video are just as business-critical as data and we provide the management, access and reliability our customers need.”

Using TelePacific’s VeloCloud-powered SD-WAN solution, customers can turn up new locations, add or delete services and monitor their network performance through a single cloud-based integrated software system. TelePacific’s managed services platform, enabled by SD-WAN, starts when an easy to deploy software-programmable device is plugged into any customer broadband connection to the Internet. Almost immediately, the TelePacific cloud pushes the exact configuration needed to fill the customer’s requirements to the device and, within minutes, their ordered services are up and running.

This is a big departure from the complicated, expensive installations of hardware and cables typically needed to provision new services. TelePacific now can deliver new services over a secure, quickly adaptable network framework defined by software instead of telecom hardware. Since it manages the entire end-to-end delivery, TelePacific can deploy multiple continuity and security levels to guarantee its performance to businesses that increasingly depend on 24 x 7 availability for everything from customer interactions to critical back office functions. That ability to manage everything from throughput to continuity on a single pane of glass is so powerful that TelePacific has expanded its traditional five nines performance guarantee to a simple 100% one.

“Delivering high quality and resilient performance over any network connection from any carrier is key to our national growth,” says Martin. “We already have more than 100,000 hosted communications seats and the ability to be truly transport-agnostic is going to make that number explode. There are other Over the Top (OTT) offerings out there, but they promise “best effort” instead of guaranteeing performance.”

Initially, TelePacific is making that enhanced OTT capability and its UCx unified communications suite the flagship offerings utilizing its SD-WAN capabilities. The greatly enhanced network monitoring capabilities that enable TelePacific to provide that 100% guarantee will also be made available for customer use as it expands and other products are brought onto the new national grid.

“We are delighted to partner with TelePacific to enable them to provide their market-leading UC and Managed Network Service over any network across the nation,” said Sanjay Uppal, CEO and Co-Founder of VeloCloud Networks. “Our emphasis on the Cloud becoming the Network fits seamlessly with TelePacific’s strategy of SD-Wan being the foundational technology for all of their cloud services for the long term.”

TelePacific’s nationwide SD-WAN option is in full general availability for new UCx orders.

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