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TPx Taps Nate Bledsoe to Head New Managed Connectivity Line of Business

LOS ANGELES – June 12, 2018 – TPx Communications has filled in the final piece of its evolution as the country’s premier managed services provider with the addition of Nathan Bledsoe to its management team as the Vice President of its new Managed Connectivity line of business.  His mandate is ambitious and practical – accelerate the successful growth of TPx into a nationally focused provider of comprehensive, integrated managed services that are enabled by a broad set of access options.  It’s a critical supporting role where success isn’t measured in circuits and bandwidth.

“I’ve spent 25 years working in the network world, 13 of those as the COO of X5 Solutions, a successful telecom provider in the Pacific Northwest.  I saw firsthand the sea change in that industry as customer needs grew for solutions that demanded smarts, software and understanding of their businesses much more than it did physical transmission lines and on-premises hardware,” Bledsoe said. “For the last two years, I’ve run a consulting company for Fortune 500 clients that’s been focused on that transformation – and TPx was smack in the middle of my radar screen as a leader enabling it.  TPx has a deep understanding of this new world and the chance to join them was compelling for me.”


TPx Taps Nate Bledsoe to Head New Managed Connectivity Line of Business


With Bledsoe’s leadership of a newly focused Managed Connectivity business for TPx, the company is filling out the strategic evolution that has taken it well beyond its network-centric roots.  He will leverage the deep understanding of access built into TPx’s DNA and apply that to an increasingly transport-agnostic world, where how your managed services are delivered is less important than the ability to deliver them in the way that works best for each individual customer.

“Nate won’t be working towards and judged by the number of transport deals he gets for TPx,” said CEO Dick Jalkut. “We look at access and transport, which used to be the central part of our business, in a very different way today –  as an enabler of the Unified Communications, Managed IT and Managed Security services that are critical business requirements today.  Managed Connectivity enables us to offer a complete, integrated office-in-a-box solution that’s unique and sorely needed in today’s incredibly complex and rapidly changing environment.”

The TPx Managed Connectivity business Bledsoe leads is built to let customers apply their resources and attention to the aspects of their business that need them most.  TPx will manage any flavor of access –  its own networks, through third-party broadband Internet Access, Over the Top (OTT) of existing customer bandwidth, and more –  serving as a trusted adviser and manager of the combination that makes the most operational and economic sense and can serve as the framework that TPx’s broad set of managed services is delivered over.

“Nate and his new line of business gives us something nobody else has – the ability to offer complete solutions that cover all the essential elements it takes to be competitive and productive today, from managed security to collaboration to SD-WAN and more without being restricted to TPx’s own access options,” said David Zahn, TPx’s Senior Vice President of Marketing.  “We are excited to be able to bring his leadership, expertise and focus to TPx.”

Prior to joining TPx, Bledsoe was the Managing Partner of CloudPeer networks, a consultancy serving Fortune 500 clients. Before that he was the CTO of Magna5, a national managed services provider. He spent 13 years as the COO of its predecessor, X5 Solutions, a regional telecom leader.  In his new role, Bledsoe reports to David Zahn and is based in Seattle, with a supporting TPx Managed Connectivity organization located across the country.

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