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Employee Spotlight on Jorge Vazquez

At TPx, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where employees can collaborate freely and grow professionally. Our leaders help make that possible. This month, we would like to highlight Jorge Vazquez, Vice President of SMB and Inside Sales.

Jorge has been in the telecommunications and technology industry for over twenty years. He is a leader, working with sales teams to drive results. We sat down with Jorge to talk about his experience. Read on to learn more about Jorge.

You’ve worked in the telecom and technology space for twenty years. How has the industry evolved during that time?

The industry has evolved a lot through the years to keep up with changes in customer needs. Take wireless for example, data used to be free and minutes and texts used to be metered, but when customers change the way they use the technology the approach to wireless plans pivoted. Now, most plans give away free minutes and text but meter or cap the data.

What does your role entail at TPx?

I oversee account management for our SMB customers along with Inside Sales and Sales Development teams.

How do you motivate your team?

Every team member is different. I think it’s important to understand each person’s unique personality traits. How do they like being communicated with? What motivates them? I find out how they operate and what motivates them and incorporate that into our strategy to tackle goals and objectives. Most importantly, I pair up TPx goals with their own personal goals for mutual success. I’m sincere with my team. That’s the secret sauce to motivating them. Sincerity goes a long way to building a great team environment.

You’ve recently been involved in TPx’s new internship program. What was it like seeing the internship program come to life?

It’s been amazing. It’s brought new life into the team as we help mentor and foster new careers. We’re learning a lot from the interns as they are learning a lot from us. It’s giving me a lot of time to spend on college campuses and has taught me a lot about the younger workforce coming into the market right now.

How can students get involved in TPx’s internship program?

Our internship program is open to all college students that are interested in pursuing a sales career. It is an eight-week, paid program based in our Orlando office. If students are interested in participating in our internship program, they can email [email protected] for more information.

Why is mentorship important to you?

My motto is leaders make leaders, and that can’t happen without mentorship. People often learn more through mentorship than in traditional education. I’ve personally benefitted from mentorship in my career and have been blessed with many mentors through my life. In return, I think it’s important to give back and mentor others. When you have a mentorship model like we do, you have leaders mentoring mentees, and mentees becoming mentors. It’s synergy and can be seen throughout the whole team.

Too often business leaders aren’t focused on developing leaders in their organization. If you fail to do that, you fail to bring vision to your team. It can really demotivate your team. I’m constantly looking for opportunities for my team to lead and bring their skills to the table. I’m proud of the fact that within the two years I’ve been at TPx, I’ve been able to internally promote five people into management roles on my team.

What has made the biggest impact on your professional life?

My faith and my love for people. I see my professional life as a way to open opportunities for others to thrive. I love seeing young leaders be promoted. Knowing that I played a role in the lives of others is so important to me. It’s my scoreboard. It’s not about individual deals that were won or loss – but the overall achievement of others. I’ve been blessed by leaders that have given me opportunities to succeed and work hard to pay that forward.

What does diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to you?

Diversity is so important. In business we’re trying to solve big problems, and we are trying to solve them fast. The way we do that is have a diverse team, solving diverse problems. When you have varying points of view, you can solve problems faster and often have better outcomes for all involved. I’ve always had a diverse team, and I take pride in that. As we continue to recruit new interns, we work towards recruiting a diverse group of interns to work at TPx. It’s great to see a diverse team come together and find common ground for a common goal.

What’s the one topic you never get tired of learning about?

I love technology. It’s how people overcome challenges, and that’s what we do here at TPx. We solve our customers’ IT problems.

What are you most passionate about outside of work?

I’m passionate about my family and faith. I love giving back and do a lot of service outside of work.

How do you enjoy spending your time on the weekends? 

My favorite thing to do on the weekends is spending time with my family watching movies.

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