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Five Advantages of a Next Generation Firewall

Traditional firewalls are essentially limited to monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic on the network. Next generation firewalls add an extra layer of sophistication designed for a more modern approach to cybersecurity. They offer application awareness and control, intrusion prevention, deep packet inspection, and threat intelligence delivered via the cloud.

Below are five advantages to implementing next generation firewalls on your organization’s network.

1. Fortify Your Network Security

A firewall protects a network in two basic ways: it stops malicious traffic, such as viruses and malware, and prevents unauthorized access to data or other network assets. A next generation firewall enables you to leverage traditional firewall capabilities combined with next generation technologies to predefine security policies that reduce the risk of cyberattacks by only allowing legitimate traffic on your network.

2. Increase Visibility Across Your Network

Next generation firewalls improve visibility across your network by monitoring what applications are running, which websites are being visited, and which users are active across the VPN. Improved visibility offers enhanced control, more rapid threat response, and increased defense and threat mitigation.

3. Lower Costs

Next generation firewalls allow for third-party firewall management, which lowers the cost of enterprise-grade cybersecurity for organizations and their employees. For example, TPx’s Managed Firewall Service can be more cost-effective than hiring and training even a single security analyst in-house.

4. Maximize Network Control

Increased visibility from next generation firewalls offers results in maximizing control of the network and its security stance. Monitoring application use and website traffic helps identify bandwidth loss and inefficiencies in productivity. For example, if employees are streaming inordinate amounts of video, next generation firewalls give management the choice to either block certain sites and types of traffic or at least control their usage.

5. Enhance Productivity

Secure, high-performance communication enhances productivity. When all invested parties, such as customers, partners, suppliers, and remote employees, can leverage streamlined communications safely, productivity goals can be reached and even surpassed. Managed firewall services can provide the level of visibility and control needed to ensure such efficiency, reduce or even prevent time-wasting, bandwidth loss, and unauthorized browsing.

How TPx Can Help

TPx’s Firewall Management Services remotely monitor your organization’s firewall 24/7 in our Security Operations Center (SOC). Each security event is assessed and validated before we notify you so that the number of false alarms is dramatically reduced. This is just one of the ways we help you reduce costs and increase efficiency. Our management team promptly handles all firmware updates and configures your predetermined security policies in real time. Want to learn more about how our Managed Firewall Services can help you? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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