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Five Ways Cloud Phone Systems Help Multi-Location Businesses

A cloud phone system is one of the most important pieces of technology that multi-location businesses can have. Without it, your business is forced to rely on outdated PBX phone systems that are cumbersome to manage and don’t support a multi-location business structure. Whether you have a second location nearby or hundreds of locations around the US, a cloud phone system helps employees connect and collaboration while being easy for your IT staff to maintain. Here are a few specific ways cloud phone systems support multi-location businesses.

1. Standardizes Technology Across Business Sites

Often businesses with multiple locations use different applications and vendors to support their needs at each business location. However, this creates major inconsistency regarding the brand and customer experience and makes it incredibly difficult for IT staff to manage.

When The Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) wanted to update their phone system, they turned to TPx and took the opportunity to standardize technology across their office footprint. The nonprofit organization needed a standardized system that could be used for all their locations. With TPx, they eliminated having to deal with 60-70 different telecom providers and were able to deploy a reliable VoIP solution to all their locations, saving money and creating a better experience.

2. Better User Experience

If you have employees who travel to different locations and sites, having a cloud-based phone makes it easier for them to do business. Instead of being tethered to a desk phone or having to use a cell phone with a separate number, cloud phone systems allow you to use a single business phone number on any device, anywhere.

The consistency of only needing to use one business phone number regardless of what device you use helps improve productivity. Employees can start their work immediately on arrival instead of having to figure out what phone number to use and how to access or forward voicemails from various numbers. Cloud phone systems let employees connect how they want whether an office phone, cell phone, or softphone using a computer or tablet, all using a single business phone number.

3. Simplified Back-End Management

Having a back-end management portal in the cloud makes it easy to add, remove, or reassign phone numbers. This is a much different scenario than legacy PBX phone systems, where you must manage everything on-site at each location. Better yet, cloud phone systems are inherently easy to manage, you don’t need years of experience to manage them unlike their predecessor, the PBX phone. With cloud phones, manage all your different locations from a single web portal, reduce the amount of hardware and software needed in each of your locations, and remove the need for dedicated staff to manage the phone system along. A cloud phone system is so easy to manage, it will free up your IT staff to work on other IT-related activities for your business.

4. Reduced Costs

Traditional PBX phone technology means you’ve got infrastructure in multiple locations. The cloud eliminates that complexity and makes it much more affordable out of the gate. It’s also easier and more cost-effective to manage. Plus, with old technology, you would need local resources to manage and support the PBX technology. The cloud allows management of the platform regardless of where you are located.

5. Encourages Sharing and Collaboration

Old technology simply doesn’t offer the bells and whistles of cloud communications. While you can certainly use a cloud phone system for voice only, it provides the opportunity for new feature functionality including video, meetings, screen sharing, file sharing, chat, messaging and more. These features streamline communication across your locations and help increase collaboration even if your staff aren’t located in the same office location.

Consolidate Communication Technology Into One App

With UCx with Webex, put all your business communications into one place. Creating a cohesive brand and user experience with simplified management and cost savings is a powerful way to grow your multi-location businesses without purchasing expensive hardware and extra headcount or resources. Plus, with prices starting at just $14.95 per user / month, it’s an affordable solution that can keep your business running smoothly. Want to learn more? Schedule a demo and see how UCx with Webex can help improve communication across your office locations.

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