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TPx Fun Bunch Says Farewell to 2018 & Happy 2019!

Can you believe 2018 is almost over?  The year has gone by so fast, but as they say, time flies when you are having fun! At TPx, we do a good job at working hard while having fun – as you can see for yourself in our New Year’s Eve inspired video.

What are our MSx product team’s end-of-the-year thoughts? Check out a short Q&A below.

When you look back on 2018, what comes to mind?

Joe Royer, Product Manager, MSx Managed IT/Cloud: “Change. Lots of personal and professional change in my life this year. I had a fresh start with a new career as a product manager.”

Lori Hannan, Product Manager, MSx Managed Networks: “New baby, new job, new house.”

Erik Nordquist, Sr. Product Manager for MSx Firewalls: “A year full of great new experiences and working with a bunch of great new people.”

Lucie Hys, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for MSx Services: “Getting a job I love at TPx.”

Joe: “The first ‘Product Management Roadshow,’ training the TPx sales teams about our MSx services.  That is when I realized that I can make a positive impact using my experience and expertise.”

Lori:Getting hired at TPx.”

Erik: “The moment I realized I could implement a change that would ultimately have a positive effect for the company.”

Lucie: “Drinking from a fire hose when I joined the company, as I had to learn a ton during a short period of time. I really enjoy learning and tackling new challenges.”

Looking into 2019, what are your personal or professional goals?

Joe: “To develop my expertise and continue to make a positive impact on the business in my new role as Product Manager.”

Erik: “Personal: Spend more time outdoors with family.  Professional: Add even more security offerings to the MSx line of services.”

Lucie: “Get more exposure for TPx from our marketing efforts, improve my Spanish, and visit a continent I have never been to.”

Where would you like to see TPx go in 2019? In the future?

Joe: “Continue to move toward becoming a national leader in all the MSP services that we provide.”

Lori: “Continue seeing more and more happy TPx customers.”

Erik: “I want us to become a premier trusted MSP for security products around the world.”

Lucie: “I would love to see the security service portfolio expand in 2019, and ultimately become a leading Managed Service Provider on an international front.”

How will you spend New Year’s Eve?

Joe: “With friends, telling stories and jokes and playing stupid fun games that will make memories for years.”

Lori: “In my new house, with my 2 daughters, 2 dogs, and my husband.”

Erik: “Either glamping or watching movies with the family.”

Lucie: “I will ring in the New Year in Prague with my best friends.”

Big thanks to all our clients, partners, employees, and friends for your continuous support. May 2019 be the best year so far for all of you.

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