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Better Bits: Up Your Broadband Game with Managed Internet Access

Remember when Internet access came from one local provider and was mainly a conduit to Google searches, e-commerce and company websites? So simple, so “information superhighway,” so…non-business critical.

Today, of course, broadband has a much more comprehensive role in supporting company imperatives. The landscape is rife with next-gen ideas: Convergence and digital transformation, “post-digital” communications services, cloud infrastructure and apps – all of which provide the engine for differentiation, agility and other core business objectives. Can old-school Internet support new-school business objectives? Of course not. That’s why savvy companies are evolving their strategy for Internet access to a managed configuration.

Forget about being locked into a single provider across all locations: Imagine being able to cherry-pick the right broadband for the job in any given location (think fiber, coax, TDM, copper, fixed wireless or 4G), bringing the mix together under one contract and under a single, seamlessly deployed and configured enterprise umbrella. It’s an approach that delivers the right balance of flexibility, reliability and affordability, and a rock-solid foundation for the unique requirements of each solution.

And beyond that, imagine having a turnkey solution that eliminates the pressure on IT and telecom departments to execute the disparate pieces that go into that footprint. That’s the benefit that managed internet access brings to the table: One bill, one set of SLAs and one place to go for installation, monitoring and repair, regardless of how many underlying providers are involved. As shocking as it may sound, it’s possible to get away from the headaches and time requirements involved in managing multiple vendors.

TPx knows the value of moving to this vision of better broadband, and offers a Managed High-Speed Internet Access service that can deliver IP voice and data services to virtually any business location in the United States. TPx will design and build a fully-managed, provider-agnostic network solution that meets your unique budgetary and technical requirements for each of your locations, with bandwidths that range from 1Mbps to 1Gbps and higher.

Since the broadband superhighway has added several lanes of new traffic, it’s also designed for more than general web browsing: Managed High-Speed Internet Access is specifically architected to support your mission-critical cloud-based applications, as well as connections to cloud service providers such as Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. It also can support any of TPx’s hosted and managed services, including MSx Managed SD-WAN, UCx, SmartVoice, private networking, managed firewall and Microsoft Office 365.

With bandwidth optimization and reliability rapidly becoming differentiators for cloud and app performance, it’s time to up your broadband game. Contact your TPx representative today for details on how we can be your guide, partner and expert resource for the network connectivity solutions that will reshape your business.

About the Author

Jon Lowry is a Senior Product Manager at TPx. Jon manages TPx’s local connectivity options, including Managed High-Speed Internet Access, OneNet MPLS, Carrier Ethernet VPNs, and Internet services.  He has earned certifications from the MEF in both Carrier Ethernet and Network Foundations.  Jon is based in Denver and has been with TPx for 9 years.

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