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MSx – Managed IT Services for Today’s Business Needs

MSx Managed Services from TPx

Considering a managed service provider? When it comes to the world of managed services, there’s a lot to like about implementing managed firewalls, endpoints, backups, LANs and more. The immediate benefits include only paying for what you need and a reduction in maintenance and overhead costs – not to mention gaining an entire team of trained, experienced, qualified and certified professionals to work on your behalf.

Managed solutions can also solve compliance issues, and, of course, allow you to focus the bulk of your time and effort on your core business. Add in the ability to quickly adopt new technology and a guaranteed ability to keep it up-to-date to maintain a competitive advantage, and making the shift to managed services becomes a no-brainer.

At TPx, our belief in the ability of managed services to transform and support businesses runs deep. We have steadily built out an industry-leading portfolio of world-class offerings that includes everything from SD-WAN to cybersecurity. One of our key elements is our Managed IT portfolio of services – MSx – which are designed to be flexible and simple for businesses of all sizes.

MSx is a suite of seven managed IT services that allows companies to mix and match the functionalities according to their business needs, all under one subscription umbrella – thus eliminating the need to add each function individually. Now, one monthly charge covers a wide range of tasks that go to the heart of today’s modern business environments.

Options within this forward-thinking subscription package include:

  1. Managed SD-WAN including hybrid WAN options, bring your own bandwidth with QoS, application-aware traffic routing and failover;
  2. Managed LAN Monitoring for troubleshooting of core network infrastructure and equipment;
  3. Managed Office 365 for technical support and escalations to Microsoft and unlimited cloud backups of Office 365’s Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint data;
  4. Managed Datacenter including direct access to TPx’s IP network and multiple layers of redundancy in seven geo-diverse SSAE 18 facilities;
  5. Managed Network Security including firewall monitoring and management, network intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus, web content filtering and application control, plus remote VPN options;
  6. Managed Endpoints including 24×7 remote monitoring, automated patch management and integrated anti-malware and antivirus technology;
  7. And, Managed Backups for data backup and disaster recovery in the event of a natural event, ransomware attack, system crash, fiber cut or other emergency.

Behind all of these is a national TPx team with deep experience providing managed IT services, including ex-military, Department of Defense and cybersecurity specialists. They staff our Network Operations (NOC) and Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to give your company peace of mind and act as your support team on a 24/7 basis.

Contact your TPx representative today to find out how MSx managed services can help you make the most of your resources and tech spend.

About the Author

Jared Martin has been in the Information Technology world for more than 20 years. He co-founded a managed services voice and Internet service provider in 2001 and grew the business to significant revenue. In 2008, that company was sold to Tel West Communications, which in turn was acquired by TPx in 2012. Jared has been a technology leader in driving change and adoption of new technologies, such as Software-Defined Wide Area Networking. He is always looking for new ways to use technologies that are outside of the box and to influence TPx to innovate and to be on the cutting edge. In 2016, Jared took charge of TPx’s new MSx line of business, formed as a result of the merger of TelePacific and DSCI. This brought Jared back to his roots of providing managed services and a consultative sales approach to customers.

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