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TPx Launches Managed Inbox Detection and Response Service

Protect Email Inboxes with Secure Anti-Phishing Solution

AUSTIN, Texas, June 6, 2022 TPx, a leading nationwide managed services provider delivering cybersecurity, managed networks and cloud communications, today launched its Managed Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) service to help security and IT teams monitor and evaluate suspicious emails, resolving business email compromise (BEC), advanced malware, and phishing threats within minutes.

Phishing continues to be the number one cause of data breaches. According to a recent Dark Reading survey, 53% of organizations reported a phishing-related breach in 2021. With TPx’s Managed IDR service, users can easily report suspicious emails to quickly determine if they are safe or malicious. Reported emails are continuously monitored and professionally evaluated by automated scanning and human threat analysis, which removes the burden from internal IT and security teams and improves accuracy and response times.

“Businesses continue to improve their email security filters, but filters are not yet foolproof,” said Mark Roberts, TPx CMO & EVP Product Management. “To compensate and better protect a business from cyber threats, organizations are augmenting their security solutions with user-driven reporting of suspicious emails. With TPx’s latest offering, they can do this confidently by leveraging leading technology, expert human analysis, and an exceptional user experience.”

TPx’s Managed IDR is powered by the GoSecure Titan Platform, a predictive multi-vector detection, prevention, and response technology to counter modern cyber threats. With TPx’s Managed IDR, users can take the guesswork out of suspicious messages by reporting emails with a single click from a user’s inbox. Reported emails are removed from the inbox and placed into quarantine while under evaluation. Within minutes, the email is either returned or removed permanently, reinforcing good security habits. Malicious emails are also automatically and globally removed from the customer’s domain, eliminating the opportunity for other users to fall victim to the same phishing attempt.

TPx also announced additional enhancements to its Managed Endpoints service, including reporting enhancements for Security Awareness Training (SAT) and the addition of a customer Portal and Next Gen Antivirus (NGAV) to Managed Detection and Response.

For more information on TPx’s Managed IDR along with the complete Managed Endpoints service, visit the TPx website.

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