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Six IT Challenges Healthcare Organizations Face

Technology has become a vital component in today’s healthcare industry. It has brought about improved patient care, streamlined communication, and boosted productivity. However, with the advancements, there are also IT challenges that healthcare facilities have to face. Read on to learn about six top challenges healthcare organizations face in 2022.

Keeping Patient Data Secure

Data breaches could potentially expose such sensitive information as medical history, medications, test results, and diagnoses that cybercriminals can use in a variety of malicious ways. Any compromise of patient data leads to medical staff being unable to trust the data they are given and could result in disastrous consequences. Having healthcare information on a secure network that is managed and checked regularly can help protect the organization and the safety of patients.

Updating Aging Infrastructure

Healthcare organizations need to stay updated with the latest state-of-the-art IT solutions to remain at the top of their industry. A recent survey of over 100 healthcare organizations found that 47% thought upgrading and maintaining IT infrastructure was a top priority. Electronic health records, telehealth solutions, and wireless medical equipment all rely on having a solid infrastructure to function properly.

Keeping IT HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliance is a critical requirement for all healthcare organizations to maintain their patients’ privacy. Healthcare providers work hard to uphold this act and expect the technology and providers they use to do the same. Having a single IT provider that is HIPAA compliant can help simplify your compliance management and ensure the highest level of protection and care for patient privacy is being upheld.

Rising Number of Cyberattacks in the Healthcare Industry

Weak cybersecurity can allow hackers to breach the healthcare system and access extremely private and sensitive data. A single cyber attack can impact thousands of people within the healthcare system, so setting up quality cybersecurity is crucial. Especially when you consider that more than 93% of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach over the past three years. Hospitals and healthcare facilities must put cybersecurity as one of their top priorities to protect their organization’s data, welfare, and finances.

Maintaining IT While Keeping Costs Down

Financing an internal IT department can be a costly endeavor when looking at the full scope of technology used by healthcare organizations. Using an outside company to manage the IT solutions for your facility could significantly reduce costs. Not only can you reduce costs and have a more predictive IT spending, but you’ll also benefit from expertise within the IT industry. These experts can help improve efficiency, streamline operations, and provide increased security while managing all your IT needs.

Creating a Secure Multi-Location Network

Many healthcare agencies consist of multiple locations that all need to be linked for easy communication and sharing of information. This network must be properly setup to ensure it is not only optimized but also secure. Healthcare professionals need to access sensitive data across multiple locations, and that data must always remain private and secure. Creating a secure multi-location network is key to maintaining the all-important privacy of a healthcare organization.

IT Challenges Healthcare Providers Can Overcome

Each of the above challenges can be faced and overcome with a little help. TPx offers managed healthcare IT services to keep your organization as secure as possible in 2022.

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