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Ten Ways to Stay Ahead of the Game by Being Cyber Secure

Studies show that hackers attack every 39 seconds. A staggering statistic for businesses who aren’t cyber secure. Cybercriminals use a variety of tactics to steal data and game the system, but if you have the proper cybersecurity measures in place, you can protect your business against attacks. Being proactive in your cybersecurity strategy is best. When you’re ahead of the game, you can’t be gamed by cybercriminals. The best way to avoid being played is to stay ahead of these criminals and be cyber secure. We’ve outlined ten ways you can be more cyber secure at work.

1. Endpoint Protection

Endpoints such as computers and mobile devices can become entry points for malicious parties. It’s often easier for a cybercriminal to compromise an endpoint device versus taking on a company’s centralized cybersecurity. Protecting these endpoints through monitoring and employee-awareness training can minimize downtime and data loss and ensure optimal and healthy performance.

2. Network Segmentation

Separating your organization’s network into zones through bridges, switches, and routers allows you to isolate threats, control traffic, optimize performance, and bolster your security posture.

3. Secure Internet Access

Managing connectivity is especially important when your organization uses multiple ISPs at various locations or provides remote workers with access for collaboration. By leveraging secure connectivity solutions, your communications remain private, which help prevent data leaks.

4. Password Protection

Using strong passwords and best practices in protecting those passwords is your organization’s first line of defense against unauthorized access. Businesses become even more cyber secure when they enable password managers to strengthen their password strategy.

5. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

In addition to strong passwords, using MFA provides an additional layer of security, ensuring user access is verified to be authorized and authenticated. MFA leverages multiple factors including something you have like a token, something you know like a password, and something you are like a fingerprint.

6. Secure Configuration

Implementing strong security measures when building and installing a system or network is integral to your overall security posture. Misconfigurations would create a gap or vulnerability that hackers can exploit, so managing the configuration correctly from the beginning is vital. That’s why it’s wise to enlist the help of a managed security services provider.

7. Secure and Regular Backups

Even the most protected system may suffer partial failure or breach, so regular consistent backups to a secure location help to reduce the risk of loss and minimize downtime. Backups should never be stored in the same location as the live systems and data are located. A separate location is critical for backups and disaster recovery.

8. Phishing Awareness

Phishing tactics and other methods for extracting protected information can severely compromise an organization’s security, so continuous training by qualified industry professionals can do much to improve your security posture.

9. Secure Wireless Networks

The number of wireless devices connected to an organization’s network has increased dramatically in recent years. Technology like Wi-Fi 6 can protect the network and increase speed and efficiency regardless of how many devices are connected. These advancements in technology help businesses stay cyber secure and are necessary to stay ahead of the game.

10. Cyber Liability Insurance

Besides having a strategy in place for risk response and mitigation, companies can reduce the cost of a data breach by purchasing a cyber liability insurance policy. Many organizations may not realize that cyberattacks and ransomware are often not covered under general umbrella policies. Cyber insurance is a separate policy that can help reduce your organization’s risk.

Resources for Staying Ahead of the Game

Managed service providers (MSPs) can equip your company with the resources to stay ahead of the game and avoid being played by cybercriminals. Understand your risk by taking our free risk assessment or contact a TPx security expert and learn how we can help you become more cyber secure and reduce risk.

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