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The Importance of Phishing Simulations

Phishing has become one of the greatest threats to today’s businesses. With one click, your entire operation could be at risk of data breaches, financial loss, and a tarnished reputation.

Cybercriminals use phishing because it’s easy and effective. It works. You only have to look at your favorite news source to see how well. Cyberattacks are constantly making the news, and often they are the result of phishing. Hackers know employees are the weakest point and look for every advantage.

Phishing simulations can help. But you have to do them correctly for them to be effective.

What is Phishing?

Before we discuss how phishing simulations can be beneficial for your organization, we must first discuss what phishing is. Phishing is a common attack vector, where cybercriminals send malicious emails and texts with links designed to trick users into exposing personal identifiable information (PII) and data.

Stopping Phishing Starts with Awareness

Most phishing attempts are successful due to human error. One weak spot opens the door to opportunity. Since hackers look for weak spots, it’s up to you to ensure your employees are well-educated and know how to spot phishing before they click. Implementing continuous security awareness training is critical to ensuring employees have the right training and education to build a stronger security mindset. Training isn’t a something you can do once and check it off your list, not if you want it to be successful. Training should be done continuously, and when paired with phishing simulations, it can be a powerful tool to help improve your security posture.

Why Incorporate Phishing Simulations Into Security Awareness?

Phishing simulations are an integral part of security awareness training. It provides you with insight into where your weakest points are. Too often routine security training programs are mundane at best. Without real-time examples, employees are more likely to let the training fade away—out of sight, out of mind. Phishing simulations solve that. To build a security mindset, employees need to see real-world examples out of context from a traditional training environment. Phishing simulations provide the engagement to help them remember what to look for long after the training is complete and helps you assess where your team needs the most training.

How To Enable Phishing Simulations

Working with a managed services provider like TPx lets you know your team receives top security awareness training through interactive training lessons and realistic phishing simulations. You’ll get a comprehensive continuous training curriculum complete with video assets and quizzes. Learners will receive phishing simulation emails monthly with randomized templates and delivery times to improve effectiveness. Then your administrators will receive weekly tracking reports to show you just how effective the system is. Are your employees spotting malicious emails? Where do they need increased training? It’s the best way to beef up your security practices to prepare them for everything that may come their way.

Now is the time to build the security muscle of everyone on your team. Contact a TPx security expert today and learn how we can help improve security awareness and training within your organization.

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