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TPx Customer Spotlight: Why Finding a Flexible Partner is Critical to Success

In the fast-paced world of electronic manufacturing services (EMS), where precision and reliability are paramount, a sudden disruption in cybersecurity can send shockwaves through the entire operation. For one EMS provider, the abrupt discontinuation of their firewall monitoring service by a third-party vendor posed an unforeseen challenge, requiring swift action to safeguard their network from potential threats.

The Quest for a Guardian: Navigating the Vendor Landscape

Faced with the urgent need to find a new partner for firewall monitoring, the EMS provider’s IT team embarked on a search fraught with obstacles. Despite reaching out to multiple potential vendors, they encountered silence or sluggish responses, raising concerns about future support reliability. Amidst the uncertainty, TPx emerged as a beacon of flexibility and responsiveness, offering a lifeline in the tumultuous sea of cybersecurity solutions.

A Seamless Integration: Forging a Partnership with TPx

With TPx at their side, the EMS provider embarked on a journey to fortify their digital frontiers. Collaborating to deploy Managed Firewalls with Fortinet devices, TPx provided not only cutting-edge technology but also a flexible approach to implementation tailored to the EMS provider’s unique requirements. By leveraging TPx’s partnership with Fortinet, the EMS team could seamlessly manage their firewall through a cloud portal while retaining control over on-site operations, ensuring a smooth transition without compromise.

Beyond Monitoring: The Importance of Proactive Support

Central to the EMS provider’s requirements was the need for robust customer support and 24/7 firewall monitoring with alerting capabilities. TPx rose to the challenge, offering not just monitoring but also prompt alerting, even during off-hours. This proactive approach to security assurance proved invaluable in meeting stringent compliance standards and maintaining a vigilant defense against potential threats.

A Unified Front: Strengthening Security Posture Across Borders

By deploying Fortinet Firewalls at domestic and international locations, the EMS provider achieved more than just localized protection – they created a standardized and robust security posture across geographical boundaries. TPx’s advanced monitoring and alerting capabilities facilitated swift intervention and minimized risks, reflecting a commitment to proactive security and comprehensive network safeguarding.

Transparency and Assurance: Fostering Trust Through Collaboration

Beyond technical solutions, TPx and the EMS provider emphasized transparency and collaboration. Regular audits and penetration tests conducted by TPx provided insights into IT infrastructure robustness, fostering trust with partners and customers alike. By sharing risk scores with suppliers, the EMS provider maintained transparency and bolstered confidence in their cybersecurity approach.

Fortifying the Future Together

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, finding a flexible and vigilant partner is paramount. The partnership between the EMS provider and TPx exemplifies the power of collaboration in safeguarding digital assets and maintaining operational resilience. Together, they stand as guardians of the digital frontier, ready to face whatever challenges the future may hold with confidence and determination.

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