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Game Changer: TPx Makes Wireless 4G-LTE a Primary Connection Option for Businesses Anywhere in the U.S.

LOS ANGELESSeptember 7, 2017 –  TPx Communications makes wireless 4G-LTE a business-ready alternative to fiber, copper and cable for the first time, delivering affordable, quickly provisioned primary Internet service with quality of service (QoS) standards as part of its award-winning ITx for WAN product line.

Where you’re located no longer has to dictate your business communications options.  TPx’s revolutionary new SD-WAN-powered capability leverages nearly ubiquitous 4G-LTE national cell coverage to seamlessly support unlimited managed voice and data traffic (though speeds are reduced after 150GB), as a standalone service offering.  This ability to deliver a business-class primary connection over 4G-LTE is trail breaking and unique.  No other company offers this capability.

TPX’s solution is game-changing for businesses because it transforms the cellular connectivity that’s so woven into today’s personal communications into a business-ready option for the entire data and voice infrastructure that enterprises depend on every minute of every day.  No costly and lengthy fiber buildouts, no territorial provider limits and far simpler provisioning.   Forward error correction, 24/7 monitoring and TPx network management let enterprises concentrate on growing their businesses, not their technical staff.

TPx is using this ability today as part of a set of streamlined disaster-relief offerings to quickly set up Internet connectivity that doesn’t depend on ground-based facilities in an effort to help its customers impacted by Hurricane Harvey get up and running.

TPx’s 4G-LTE adds to the broad options ITx for WAN already offers businesses. 4G-LTE is also available as an active/active supplement to an existing broadband connection that gives businesses added bandwidth and instant failover capability to prevent disaster if their main circuit goes down.  And, in its simplest configuration, TPx’s 4G-LTE provides passive 4G-LTE failover that will keep businesses running and their owners sleeping peacefully at night.

“This really puts meaning into the word ’transformational,’ said Jared Martin, vice president of Managed IT at TPx.  “For companies that are desperate for connectivity, this is life-changing.  We’re turning on 4G-LTE to provide primary connectivity for one of the major wineries located in the beautiful rolling hills of Napa.  Its only other option was a $75,000 fiber buildout to bring lines to their office in the vineyard, so their executives were more than happy to find a way to quickly gain connectivity that they could rely on to run their business. Applying TPx’s technical expertise and drop-shipping a managed services router the size of a cereal box did the trick.  There’s nothing like sharing a toast to their new connectedness on a crystal-clear video call!”

The technical work behind making a 4G-LTE connectivity robust, affordable and optimized for TPx’s furiously growing managed ITx for WAN service was complicated and challenging.

“We’ve spent months running this through the most rigorous testing for voice and video that we could imagine,” said Teri Lingley, ITx for WAN senior product manager at TPx. “Data is simple by comparison, but we needed to be certain that we could provide quality of service businesses can count on for all the communications that their enterprises depend on. The bottom line?  We can – and do.”

TPx uses one of the nation’s top’s 4G-LTE network providers to deliver an average 10-20Mbps upload and download speeds to nearly any area of the country. The company plans to add another of the major network providers to its service shortly to provide even deeper blanket coverage.  Individual connection performance depends on the actual location, just as it does for cellular phones, but the superior nationwide 4G-LTE coverage TPx now offers as part of ITx for WAN means customers nearly everywhere can benefit from this new way to get the primary network coverage that their businesses need or use a powerful set of increased bandwidth and automatic failover options.

TPx’s groundbreaking new connectivity solution offers a business-ready primary Internet connection that doesn’t depend on cable, fiber or copper networks and also delivers compelling active/active increased bandwidth and automatic failover options for customers that already have a primary service.  For pricing or more detailed information, please contact a TPx sales representative.

About TPx Communications

TPx Communications is a new kind of managed services provider – the premier national managed services carrier.  Formed from the merger of TelePacific and DSCI, TPx is redefining the way enterprises grow, compete and communicate. TPx’s Unified Communications, Managed IT services, continuity and connectivity solutions all work together to “reach a higher state of connectedness” – with customers, employees, clients, suppliers, locations, applications and more.  We can provide guaranteed performance wherever there’s a broadband connection, erasing the limitations of geography, incumbent providers and capital expenditure. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with major locations across the country, TPx has delivered more than 15 years of consecutive quarter-over-quarter growth, driven by a DNA of obsessive customer service and word-of-mouth referral.  For more information, go to www.tpx.com.

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