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A Unified Team

When a leading IT provider needed help upgrading a customer’s cloud voice systems, it took one call to TPx to assemble the dream team.

The Challenge and Opportunity

When the c2mtech team landed an engagement with one of the nation’s largest home health and hospice providers to upgrade its cloud voice systems, they quickly realized they needed an assist from a partner that’s experienced it all. The healthcare company needed a system for its network of 300-plus locations with approximately 20,000 employees — most of whom worked in the field, not in an office environment. Such a program posed several unique challenges, especially considering the 20-member IT team was spread across five geographic regions.

Quick Fact

In 2010, c2mtech and Custom Telephone Systems combined to become one of the largest, private telecommunications companies in Texas.

Privately owned and operated by Texans in Texas

The Solution

c2mtech replaced a legacy PBX solution with a modern unified communications platform from TPx.

The Benefits

The solution afforded the healthcare provider with the flexibility it needed across its network of 300-plus locations comprising approximately 20,000 employees.

The Results

What began as a six-site, 90-120 day ‘UCx with Webex’ pilot to test the technology turned into a nationwide installation.

About c2mtech

c2mtech is a Dallas-area IT provider that consults with small to enterprise businesses nationwide on all aspects of telecommunications including: Data & Internet, Communications, Telephone, Information Technology, Audio-Visual and Surveillance.

IT partner case study

“There aren’t many managed services providers that will go above and beyond like TPx. Having a partner that is not only reliable but also provides the solutions and service our customers expect is extremely important.”

Dane Bodnyk, VP of Sales

The Challenge of Nationwide Locations

The project began when the healthcare provider’s IT Director concluded their legacy PBx solution made supporting their nationwide communications more complicated than necessary. They previously tried to update their communications system and participated in a pilot project for cloud voice. They were left reliant on the existing antiquated phone system when the upgrade failed.

That’s when c2mtech, a Texas-based IT provider that consults with small to enterprise businesses, stepped in. Dane Bodnyk, c2mtech’s VP of Sales, knew their newest customer needed a reliable communications solution that supported its mission-critical need for voice uptime, installation and feature functionality. That’s when he introduced the healthcare provider to the UCx with Webex platform from TPx. The TPx team worked as an extension of the c2mtech team to help however and whenever they could, from participating in meetings with the customer as needed to acting as an extra set of hands.

The Solution

A large-scale PBx replacement takes time and requires vendors to prove value during the entire process – contracting, proof of concept, ordering, installation and deployment all requires dedication and attention to detail. From the start, it was clear that for the project to be successful, the three companies needed to forge a seamless partnership. Through TPx’s partnership with c2mtech, the healthcare provider could deploy a flexible solution to support their business needs, help streamline their vendor management and grow along with the company.

Business continuity is critical in this industry, and the healthcare provider was no exception. The healthcare provider wanted to do a UCx pilot at six sites for 90-120 days to test the technology. The first demo launched within about six weeks from the start of conversation.

After completing a successful pilot, the healthcare provider was ready to roll out UCx to additional sites and started with 30 recently acquired locations that had expiring communications contracts. There was no way to sleepwalk through such an installation, and TPx and c2mtech were hands-on with the healthcare provider’s team to show them how to roll out the technology and worked with staff to successfully adopt it. The healthcare provider prides itself on having staff answer the phone, so training employees on the new system and ensuring their comfort using it was crucial to the success of the UCx installation. Armed with key learnings from the pilot, the healthcare provider, c2mtech and TPx, replicated best practices at other locations and fully installed the cloud communications solution across all locations in May 2021.

Superior Service and Support

Deploying a solution like this across multiple locations is inherently complicated. Because not every location had on-site IT personnel, c2mtech and TPx stepped in to fill a void, providing an important service for the healthcare provider. Together, c2mtech and TPx ensured the healthcare provider had the service they needed to support their cloud communications with service level agreements (SLAs) that allowed them to meet their own service standards.

Ultimately, the constant communication and creative flexibility made the c2mtech and TPx partnership seamless. It proved to be a winning combination that has given the healthcare provider the partnership it desired from its IT provider. That partnership has enabled the healthcare provider to provide millions of patients and families the excellent customer care they deserve and laid the foundation for a future of customer service success. The installation was just the first step of the ongoing partnership, as the TPx and c2mtech teams stayed connected with the healthcare provider to ensure a smooth rollout successfully transitioned into smooth ongoing operations.

Bodnyk credits the success of the project to TPx’s ongoing customer support. “There aren’t many managed services providers that will go above and beyond like TPx,” Bodnyk said. “Having a partner that is not only reliable but also provides the solutions and service our customers expect is extremely important. TPx has been great to work with and very accommodating with out-of-the-box features and customizations necessary for the healthcare provider.”

Success by the Numbers

c2mtech and TPx’s unified communications platform helped provide communication and collaboration flexibility to:

0 +

Locations nationwide

~ 0

Employees nationwide

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