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Empowering Lives and Enriching Communities with UCx with Webex

The Children’s Rescue Fund (CRF) adopts UCx with Webex to increase performance and save money to put towards their critical mission.

The Challenge and Opportunity

Outdated analogue phone system proved problematic and limiting during the rapid expansion of the not-for-profit. Though CRF started as a single shelter in the Bronx, it quickly grew into multiple facilities throughout all five New York City boroughs. The not-for-profit organization staffs between 200-300 employees at any given time across their New York City facilities, which is why having reliable and flexible communication technology for their team is so important.

Quick Facts

Established and operated since 1992

Enables thousands of families to transition from homelessness to stable independent housing

The Solution

Replaced old equipment with new high quality, affordable solutions that included cloud-based phone and collaboration tools — UCx with Webex.

The Benefits

Flexible, reliable communication using UCx from a supportive provider.

The Results

The partnership with TPx provided CRF with the support needed to meet its goals, mission, and vision.

About Children's Rescue Fund

The Children’s Rescue Fund (CRF) is a not-for-profit in New York City that provides temporary housing and support services for mothers and their children who are homeless due to life circumstances such as lost employment and domestic violence. CRF’s mission is to help people achieve long-term stability and independence by providing housing, access to critical services, and the education and skills necessary to become self-sufficient. 

Children’s Rescue Fund UCaaS case study

“CFR is growing, and with growth, I know we’re going to need TPx’s help and support with maintaining scalability. We’ll need more services down the line. I’m looking forward to further developing our relationship with TPx.”

Robert Henry, IT Manager

The Challenge

The multilocation not-for-profit had outdated analogue phones that constrained employees to working only at a single location. The phones were unreliable, had poor sound quality, and lacked privacy. Due to the difficulty in setting up the phones, CRF always had to pay “the aggrieved expense” of hiring a technician to come in and change the name on the phone when the organization onboarded a new employee.

CRF prioritizes funding for services and programs that directly impact the community, which left little room in the budget for technology improvements. Robert Henry, IT Manager, was tasked with finding an affordable phone solution to enhance employee performance and improve communication while sticking to a limited budget.

The Solution

Henry began researching VoIP providers to see who best fit his needs for relationship, reliability, flexibility, and cost. During this search, he came across UCx with Webex and was impressed with the functionality and how TPx would handle implementation and support.

“Working with TPx was great,” said Henry. “They explained all of the pros and cons of VoIP technology and broke everything down so I was able to make an educated decision.”

 After exploring several providers, Henry decided to implement UCx with Webex at the Children’s Rescue Fund. UCx with Webex provides CRF with increased flexibility for their growing footprint and helps improve communication for their staff and the broader community they serve.

Superior Service and Support

Ultimately, the decision came down to the level of service CRF would receive from TPx. Henry prioritized support in the decision-making process and wanted to work with a provider with a proven track record of looking out for its clients. The level of expertise and guidance shown by TPx employees had proven that TPx was the right fit!

“CFR is growing, and with growth, I know we’re going to need TPx’s help and support with maintaining scalability,” said Henry. “We’ll need more services down the line. I’m looking forward to further developing our relationship with TPx.”

The Results

With UCx with Webex, the Children’s Rescue Fund employees have much greater flexibility in how they schedule their workdays, including a new ability to work from home. Staff can forward calls to their cell phones when they need to work outside of the office and easily get in touch with coworkers all over the city.

With increased communication, connectivity, and flexibility, CRF employees can spend their valuable time and energy facilitating the services and resources necessary to build a stronger local community.

“I definitely recommend TPx to any not-for-profit looking for affordable solutions,” said Henry. “TPx is a good company that helps not-for-profits meet their goals, mission, and vision.”

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