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Financial Lender Overhauls Network Communications

A western US financial lender was looking to upgrade all aspects of its communications infrastructure, working around an existing AT&T contract at several locations.

The Opportunity

A financial institution placed information security, compliance and continuity as its highest priorities. It serves customers using a suite of FiServ applications — from core banking and credit applications to customer relationship management (CRM) software. All of these systems needed to be available to staff at corporate headquarters and four branch offices on a reliable and consistent basis. Additionally, phone systems had to always be up and running at all five sites. The key to making all of it work was a reliable and secure network along with hosted unified communications and IT infrastructure support. And with limited IT staff, they needed a trusted partner they could rely on when it came to choosing and implementing the right technology while staying within their budget.

The Challenge

Create high bandwidth, secure network + failover; replace legacy premises phone systems; under AT&T contract (3 branches).

The Solution

  • Hybrid SD-WAN over existing AT&T network at 3 locations; TPx Ethernet transport at 2 others with 4G LTE failover
  • Application-level performance prioritization
  • UCx unified communications; managed firewalls and endpoints; datacenter colocation for servers

Results + Benefits

Complete, cost-effective, customized solution for complex voice, connectivity and IT services, at one simple price on one bill. Prioritized individual app traffic, access redundancy at HQ, end-to-end QoS, single vendor and freed up IT resources.

West coast financial lender with five locations in four states and 50 employees.

“No other provider had the services and skills to meet our end-to-end needs. The bundle fit our needs perfectly for now …and we will be able to easily grow with TPx.”

IT Manager

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