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MSx Managed SD-WAN Case Study

Pre-owned Motor Cars was having intermittent outages with two service providers and had no way of tracking outages, bandwidth usage, or bandwidth-hogging apps or users.

The Opportunity

Pre-owned Motor Cars’ CRM, loan desking tool, credit checks, parts ordering, and service records are all cloud-based. The dealership has two service providers and was having intermittent outages with both carriers. Moreover, they had no way of tracking outages, bandwidth usage, and which applications and users were hogging the most bandwidth.

Quick Facts

Located in Hawaii

Established in 1995 by the husband and wife team of John and Hiromi Caudell

The Challenge

Find a way to improve service reliability and track demands on network throughput.

Results + Benefits

The internet outages, slowdowns, and resets all went away when the TPx managed SD-WAN was installed while providing instant/seamless failover. Pre-owned Motor Cars was able to combine two circuits into one.

About Pre-owned Motor Cars

Pre-owned Motor Cars is a car dealership based in Hawaii that sells 40 to 50 cars a month and services hundreds of vehicles.

“I’ll have to say, this was the simplest, single best improvement that I have made to my business. If the apps you depend on are cloud based, you don’t just need this… you have to have it!”

John Caudell, Dealer Principal

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