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Retailer Improves Customer Experience with Network Cloud Services

With network advisory services, a global retailer saves over one million dollars in annual cost savings across retail locations.

The Opportunity

A global retailer wanted to improve its in-store retail experience for customers. As technology continues to evolve and change the retail industry, one retail provider wanted to invest in their technology footprint across retail locations. Through CBRE’s network advisory services in partnership with TPx, they were able to improve their network connectivity with SD-WAN and network design.

The Challenge

Increase in-store bandwidth to support technologies including guest Wi-Fi, POS systems, and inventory controls.

The Solution

Provide a Network Design complete with SD-WAN technology packaged as a store-in-the-box.

Results + Benefits

Improved technology infrastructure to support retailer’s priorities. Cost savings of over one million dollars plus enhanced network functionality.

A retail store with a global in-store footprint saves over one million dollars in annual cost savings across retail locations.

The Challenge

Due to innovations in retail technology and the changing retail landscape, the retailer needed to dramatically increase its bandwidth to support in-store technology needs including guest Wi-Fi point-of-sale (POS) systems and inventory controls. The retailer was limited by antiquated technologies that could not support expanding needs. The global retailer reached out to CBRE to assist with their Network Advisory Services.

The Solution

CBRE’s Network Advisory Services team reviewed 10+ providers to determine which would best serve the client and designed a “store-in-a-box” technology platform to consolidate and run all critical store functions including POS and cloud services on a single server. To bring the technology platform to life, the global retailer and CBRE chose TPx to make it happen.

TPx’s SD-WAN services helped improve the retailers network environment to support POS systems, inventory controls, and in-store Wi-Fi. With SD-WAN, the retailer is able to take advantage of assured application performance, business policy automation, and end-to-end management of their network across store locations.

The Results

Based upon CBRE’s experience in Type II circuit procurement, CBRE was able to mitigate cost discrepancies in circuit cost to allow the customer to choose the technology and platform that best suited their needs.

TPx’s SD-WAN services was the best fit for the customer to improve network operations within their global retail footprint. The technology implemented also helped save the retailer over one million in annual cost savings across customer locations. 

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