Call Center Features

TPx offers two Call Center bundles, both of which are completely customizable to meet your organization’s unique requirements.

UCx Standard Call CenterUCx Premium Call Center
BaseAgent ClientSupervisor ClientBaseAgent ClientSupervisor Client
Basic Features
Basic Inbound ACD
Specify call routing order
inbound call center solutions
Inbound Call Queues
Assignable Agents
Assign specific agents to the ACD group
Agent Polycom Logon
Call Escalation
Incoming Call and Queue Info
Displays number of callers and hold times
Thresholds and Alerts
Monitor statistics outside acceptable range
Advanced Features
Custom Unavailable Codes
Outbound Call Center
DNIS Prioritization
Agent Whisper Announcement
Call Disposition Codes
Emergency Escalation
Skill-Based Routing
Assign skill levels to each agent
Reporting & Presence
Basic Reporting & Monitoring
Enhanced Agent Reporting 
Enhanced Queue Reporting
Queue Visibility
Agent Status Availability


Available feature with this package
May be entered or viewed with the Polycom phone
Available with Supervisor only (Non Agent)