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TPx is a leading managed security services provider (MSSP) making enterprise-level security accessible to SMBs for a fraction of the cost.

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Managed security services with a strong defense against cyber threats doesn’t have to be difficult or costly.

TPx helps you protect your company from cyberthreats with market-leading technology and seasoned managed security services experts who are at your disposal 24/7/365.



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Why Managed Security Services from TPx?

A side effect of COVID-19? More companies are going virtual, which attracts more cybercrime activity. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, the FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes.*

Cyber adversaries are taking advantage of the increased security vulnerabilities to steal data, generate profits and cause disruption. Companies often put their head in the sand, but now more than ever, they need to step up their cybersecurity game. For many businesses, one cyber attack may mean “game over”. With an increasing shortage of skilled security professionals, more and more organizations are outsourcing key security services to a Managed Security Services Provider.


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Managed Detection and Response

Discover, prevent, and recover from cyber threats faster. TPx’s MDR helps you identify more threats, reduce attack dwell time, and proactively mitigate attacks. We offer managed detection and response for both Firewalls and Endpoints.

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

The firewall is the first line of defense in protecting your business from Internet-based threats. Firewalls block today’s advanced threats while also providing secure access, visibility and control to help your business be more productive.

Security Awareness Training

Users are your last line of defense. The more they know the less prone they are to fall victim to a phishing scam or other security incident. Our service includes monthly phishing simulations and Security Awareness Training courses with automated reporting to track your results.

Endpoint Security

TPx helps keep your organization’s servers and workstations healthy, secure, and performing optimally. Our Endpoint Security service leverages market-leading technology for Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Patch Management, and Security. Together with expert support personnel and security analysts, we provide an “always on”, best-in-class, 24x7x365 service.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

TPx ensures UTM features such as web filtering, anti-virus, application control, intrusion prevention and VPNs are properly configured, monitored and maintained.

DNS Protection

We protect systems and users from malicious websites using leading DNS Protection software. Windows devices are protected both on the corporate network and while traveling. Network-based DNS protection covers BYOD, Guest Wireless, and Non-Windows devices to deliver comprehensive DNS security and reduce your risk of attack.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

We help organizations quickly recover from system downtime and data loss caused by cyber attacks, human error, system failures and natural disasters. Using advanced hybrid local/cloud technology and skills management resources TPx delivers a turnkey BCDR solution that will meet your recovery objectives.

Email Security

Protecting your email communications is an important part of any security strategy. Whether it’s protecting against email-based cyberattacks like phishing, or ensuring that sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, we can help you navigate the email security challenge.


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Endpoint Management

TPx endpoint management delivers advanced security that will help your identify, prevent, and recover from more cyberattacks more quickly.  From security patch management and next generation antivirus, to  managed detection and response, security awareness training, and DNS protection, TPx combines leading technologies with world class resources into an  endpoint security solution that will reduce your risk of downtime and data loss.

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Managed Firewall

With MSx Managed Firewall, the TPx team and its group of highly trained security professionals based in our two Security Operations Centers (SOC) will configure, deploy, manage, and monitor your next generation firewall (NGFW). This service enables even SMBs to have an enterprise-level protection from cyber threats and secure SD-WAN networking for a price they can afford.

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Managed Backup

With MSx Managed Backup, you gain best-in-class protection for your critical systems and data. Your data is backed up both on-site and in a secure cloud location, and the service is fully-managed with all necessary hardware, software, and support. Advanced ransomware detection is included to facilitate recovery and provide additional protection against data loss.

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Did you know?


88 percent of data breaches can be linked to human error.A Tessian study
The mean number of days it takes to identify and contain a data breach is 280 days.Ponemon Institute


87 percent of SMB business owners rank security a top priority, and more than 99 percent have a dedicated resource focusing on security.2020 Cisco SMB Report
Almost half (46 percent) of SMBs have been targeted by ransomware, and nearly three out of four victims have paid a ransom to restore control of their systems.2020 Infrascale research



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