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Delete an Auto Attendant Submenu

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WARNING: This delete operation cannot be undone.

  1. Log in to the UCx Web Portal at
  2. On the Group home page, click Services on the left-hand menu. On the Group – Services page, click Auto Attendant.
  3. The Auto Attendant page lists all Auto Attendants currently configured for your group. On this list, locate the Auto Attendant you wish to modify, and click Edit.
  4. The Profile page for the selected Auto Attendant will open. Click the Submenus link.
  5. The Auto Attendant Submenus page displays the existing submenus for the selected Auto Attendant. Locate the submenu you want to delete and click Edit; the Auto Attendant Submenu Modify page appears.
  6. Submenus that are currently in use cannot be deleted. Before deleting a submenu, check the Usage tab to ensure that no other menus are listed. If the submenu is in use, remove it from the menus where it is used (see View and Modify Dialing Menus for instructions), then return to this Auto Attendant Submenu Modify page.
  7. On the submenu’s Profile tab, click Delete. The submenu is deleted, and you are returned to the Auto Attendant Submenus page.

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