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Manage Conference Recordings

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You can download or delete conference recordings if you have host privileges on a Meet-Me Conferencing bridge.

NOTE: Recordings are saved on TPx’s server for 15 days. If you would like to save a recording for longer than 15 days, download it to your computer before it expires.

View a List of Recordings

  1. Log in to the UCx Web Portal at
  2. Click Meet-Me Conferencing on the left menu.
  3. On the Meet-Me Conferencing page, click Recordings.
  4. The Recordings page lists all available recordings for the conferences assigned to you as the host user.

Download a Recording

  1. On the Recordings page, click Download in the row of the recording you want to download.
  2. Follow your browser’s instructions to download the file.

Delete a Recording

WARNING: This delete operation cannot be undone.

  1. On the Recordings page, check the Delete box in the row(s) of the recording(s) you want to delete.
  2. Click OK or Apply to delete the recording(s), or Cancel to exit without deleting.

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