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Recommended Headsets for UCx

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There are many headset manufacturers, and almost any headset that’s compatible with your PC will also function well with UCx. With so many options out there, perhaps you aren’t sure where to start. TPx recommends the following brands for use with our UCx service and Polycom phones.


Once at the Plantronics website, simply apply a filter for “Polycom” and whatever model device you have. This can be found on the back of your phone if you’re not sure.

The models that TPx has tested with much success are: Plantronics Blackwire, Voyager Legend, Focus, and 8200 UC.


Once at the Jabra website, you can search for “Polycom” and then select your specific needs. TPx has found the Jabra Evolve typically works well with UCx.


Visit the Sennheiser website for more information.

Miscellaneous Notes

When you use third-party headset devices with any Polycom product, you’ll need to consider a few things:

  • For ease of compatibility and maximum connection quality, TPx highly recommends using a headset with a USB cable or dongle, instead of alternate connections such as Bluetooth.
  • If the headset is amplified, you may hear echo or feedback. If so, reducing the volume on the headset typically fixes this issue.
  • If the microphone is too close to the earpiece, the far end may report echo. Reducing the headset volume, moving the microphone away from the earpiece, or placing the earpiece closer to the ear may reduce or eliminate the far end echo.
  • Some manufacturers have dip switches on the headset which control echo/gain levels. These settings may help to reduce any audio problems you may experience.

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