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TPx Complete - Essential Services Bundle

A Texas regional healthcare provider was looking to upgrade all aspects of its communications and IT infrastructure, consolidate their vendors, and reduce costs.

The Challenge and Opportunity

A Texas regional healthcare provider with four locations, legacy business lines and phone system, DSL internet and very expensive firewall and other IT services placed new technologies as a top priority to meet their leadership vision. It considered information security, compliance and continuity as its highest priorities. The phone systems had to always be up and running so medical staff would be easily accessible. All the medical systems (servers) needed to be available and backed up. The key to making all of it work was a reliable and secure network along with hosted unified communications and IT infrastructure support. Moreover, with limited IT staff, they needed a trusted partner they could rely on when it came to choosing and implementing the right technology.

The Solution

TPx Complete bundle: 10 seats/location, TPx Complete: UCx, virtual fax, managed firewalls, managed SD-WAN and failover, managed connectivity: high speed Internet access; 50MB fiber circuits and managed backups and Office 365.

The Benefits

New phones/equipment as part of bundle, added 4G continuity, saved 40% vs previous vendor and consolidated four vendors/invoices into one.

The Results

Complete, cost-effective, customized solution for complex voice, connectivity and IT services on one bill with US support.

“To maintain our regional heathcare leadership, we rely on new technologies. TPx had the services and the people to meet our end-to-end needs.”

— IT Manager

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