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Third-Party Voice Mail Support

The Third-Party Voice Mail Support feature of the UCx Web Portal allows an administrator to configure a third-party voice mail system for a group.
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Session Admission Control Groups

A Session Admission Control (SAC) group is a set of access devices logically grouped together and subject to SAC group limits in terms of the number of concurrent sessions.
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Flexible Seating Host

Flexible Seating Host allows guests to associate with a host device and use it as if it were their own.
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Preferred Carrier Group

To view the preferred carriers assigned to your group (Intra-LATA, Inter-LATA, and International):
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Polycom Phone Services

Polycom phone services are integrated with your UCx/iPBX services. Specifically, it means you can access your group's directories or common phone lists directly from the Polycom phone.
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Group Paging

The Group Paging service allows authorized users to page a group of users by dialing a phone number or extension.
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Group Night Forwarding

Group Night Forwarding redirects a user's incoming calls to a specified number outside of the group's business hours. When the service is activated for a user, external calls received by the user are redirected to the provisioned phone number configured by TPx.
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Broadworks Anywhere

The "Broadworks Anywhere" feature extends your services so you can place and receive calls from any specified fixed phone, mobile phone, or soft client just as if it were your primary device.
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